Green Committee

ChairSarah Santibanez
Co-Chair:  Zenia Hicks

This committee works with the students, faculty and Simis community to educate and promote recycling, alternative energy, riding the bus and maintaining the Simis Recycles Cart. Timing: School year

Here at Madison Simis, we are a part of the world and want to do our part to help the environment.

Reduce- Reuse-Recycle!

PATS has a Green Committee to help our school do just that and even make a few dollars on the way. Kids do a lot in their classrooms and during lunch and we are just going to get better and better.

Here are the basics of what can be recycled at school:

Outside of the gym is a metal cart that has some large black bins with yellow lids. In these bins you can recycle the following:

  1. Personal Care and Beauty Item packaging like shampoo bottles, make-up containers, etc
  2. Dental packaging like used toothpaste tubes, etc
  3. Any Burt’s Bees packaging

These not only decrease garbage going into the landfill but also earn money for our school. A win/win.

In the cafeteria, kids have been separating their trash for years and are very good at it, thanks mostly to Ms. Laurel. You are free to bring recyclables from home also. Here’s what can be recycled.

We hope our Simis families will all participate in being responsible and caring for our environment!