Art Masterpiece

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Art Masterpiece is a district-wide program in which master works of art are presented to students with the benefits of art education, history, and hands-on projects provided with each lesson. The Art Masterpiece program has been a highlight of the Madison School District for over 30 years! It brings a sense of community and historical awareness to the classroom while students are encouraged to express themselves artistically. With so many schools cutting out their art programs, we in Madison, and at Simis, are so fortunate to have this special program to explore art in supplementation to art class and the standard art curriculum. Art Masterpiece is the largest volunteer program at Madison Simis and we have the largest program within the district. Our volunteers are amazing! The program would not exist without the time, energy, and creativity that each volunteer puts in to it. Art Masterpiece is one of the few recurring in-classroom volunteer opportunities parents have to spend classroom time with their children, get to know the other students, and their child’s teacher. Thank you to all the volunteers that keep Art Masterpiece thriving at Simis!