These are a few of My Favorite Things : Hannah Roussin

4th Grade ~ Birthday: 5/10

My Absolute Favorites!

Color: Any color
Snack: Peanut M&M's
Flower: White roses
Scent: Vanilla
Animal: Golden Doodle
Casual Restaurants: Sauce, Lucy's, In N Out, LosTaqitos
Fancy Restaurants: Rita's @ Camelback Inn
Coffee Shop: ANY :) (cream and vanilla please)
Places to Shop: Nordstroms & Target

Did you know?

I'm allergic to or dislike:
My t shirt size: Large
My Hobbies: Reading, Camping on the beach, & family time.

Wish List for my classroom

Expo Markers, Flair Pens, glue sticks, Papermate Markers