These are a few of My Favorite Things : Jocelyn Harding

2nd Grade ~ Birthday: 5/14

My Absolute Favorites!

Color: purple
Snack: chocolate with caramel (no nuts), Starbursts, Gobstoppers, Runts, Cheez-Its, Chex Mix
Flower: Gerber Daisy
Scent: vanilla, apple, cinnamon, lavender
Animal: turtle
Casual Restaurants: pizza places- Stumpy's, Raffaele's, Spinatos, Pomo, Federal, The Parlor; Mucho Macho Taco
Fancy Restaurants: Southern Rail, Angry Crab, La Pinata
Coffee Shop: unsweetened iced tea/green tea- Starbuck's, AJ's, Luci's
Places to Shop: Amazon, Costco, Target

Did you know?

I'm allergic to or dislike: nothing
My t shirt size: Large
My Hobbies: reading, books, gardening, travelling

Wish List for my classroom

Amazon wish list- Mrs. Harding's 2nd Grade