These are a few of My Favorite Things : Yolanda Abel

3rd Grade ~ Birthday: 8/3

My Absolute Favorites!

Color: Green
Snack: Trail Mix, snickers
Flower: Carnations
Scent: Lavender and Vanilla
Animal: Love all but dogs and sloths are my fav.
Casual Restaurants: McDonalds, Chipolte, Spinatos, Babboo
Fancy Restaurants: Spinatos, Babboo
Coffee Shop: Dutch Brothers, Starbucks
Places to Shop: REI and Amazon

Did you know?

I'm allergic to or dislike:
My t shirt size: Large
My Hobbies: Camping, hiking, dog parks and plying with dogs.

Wish List for my classroom

Expo markers, Wall Flowers for Bath and Body Works, art supplies