These are a few of My Favorite Things : Casey Bloom

PRESCHOOL ~ Birthday: 12/31

My Absolute Favorites!

Color: Forest Green/all jewel tones
Snack: snickers/m&ms/pinapple
Flower: purple roses but I prefer plants
Scent: Bath and body works warm vanilla sugar
Animal: Cats ans kittens//do unicorns count
Casual Restaurants: Chick-fil-a /Luci's/Ellie's/Burger theraphy/Aunt Chiladas
Fancy Restaurants: cheesecake factory/the yard/beckets table/
Coffee Shop: none/ i like gevalia (mild) so I make my own
Places to Shop: Nook/Amazon/Kohls

Did you know?

I'm allergic to or dislike:
My t shirt size: XL
My Hobbies: reading /ASU football

Wish List for my classroom

expo markers and plants