March 2020 Minutes

March 8, 2020 – PATS General Board Meeting
Location:  Flip Dunk at 5 pm

Call Meeting to Order:  Jessie Spalding

Principal’s Report – Laura Webb

A lot of traffic concerns. Ms. Murray and Ms. Webb have been outside working with traffic, which has helped.

The neighborhood has been very vocal with their concerns.

Please encourage your fellow Simis Families to follow the parking lot rules.

Sloth costume for reaching our Fun Run goal was a huge hit.

Academically, we are working on getting ready for AZ Merit (3rd and 4th grades). The practice run went great. Teachers gleaned a lot of good information from this. No issues with technology.

We are planning for a three-day test window for the actual test. We should have results at the beginning of the summer for 3rd grade and will be available when for the kids at the beginning of 4th grade. For current fourth grades, results will be available in the middle of the summer for the school and results will go to Meadows and will be available at registration for the students. Let Ms. Webb know if your 4th grader is going to a different school.

We will not have class lists anymore. You will get class assignment at registration. July 28th and July 29th. If not in town, let office know and they will set up another time to meet with you.

As always, we want to make sure to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Remind your kids to wash their hands, cough in their sleeves, basic hygiene. Sick kids lead to sick teachers and it is difficult to get classes covered if we have a number of teachers out.

Ms. Webb is always available by phone or email if you need anything.

Teacher Report – Jocelyn Harding

A huge THANK YOU to Simis/PATS for funding all of the teacher enrichment grants to help support our teachers and students.

Thank you to the Amazon gift cards for the classroom thanks to Boosterthon funds.

Teachers really appreciate the support and know this is something that is special to Simis.

Fundraising update – Tara Allen

As of right now, we brought in $144,103.00 from Boosterthon.

Suggestions from the group – Different types of laps – Skips, walk, run, dance during the event.

Outdoor classroom, funded by PATS, will be completed over the summer.

Tuesday, March 24th – Dine Out on Lou Malnati’s

Thursday, April 2nd – Skate Night @ Great Skate

Thursday, March 26th – Wednesday, April 1st – Book Fair @ Simis

Treasurer’s Report

It has been a successful year in fundraising. We exceeded our budget goal.

President’s Report – Jessie Spalding & Yarden Tahan

  • Intro of Slate and Committee Chairs
  • Vote on Harkins request

–       Approved

Pres – Yarden Tahan

Pres Elect – Tara Allen

Secretary – Blaire Griffin

Treasurer – Brian Foltyn

Treasurer Elect – Steve Czablewski

Fall Fair: Meredith Francis and Jessie Spalding

Fundraising: Jennifer Williams and Kathleen Lewis

Community Events: Biby Pulido


President Elect:

Copy Cats – Sara Laird

Vision & Hearing – Angel Jimenez

Dad’s Club: ?


Communications – Charlotte Shaff

Homeroom Parent Coordinator – Sarah Vrska

Teacher Closet – Carle Sargent


Directory – Brian Foltyn

Box Tops – Melissa Wells

School Supplies – Ashley Vaccaro

Yearbook – Melissa Wells & Stephanie Wolfe

Picture Day – Leanne Thomas & Julie Mininberg

Book Fair – Kaitlyn Brimhall

Community Events:

DIGGS – Stephanie Hendricks & Amy Hsuing

Teacher Appreciation – Rachel Salkin

Meet & Greet – Rachel Salkin & Morgann Mahoney

Turkey Trot – Lily Randall

Family Assistance – Cindy Wagner

Green Team: Rachel Cabrera Deatherage & Melisa Camp

Art Masterpiece – Katie Hoyle-Avilla


Dad’s Club made 2,500-3,000 from Movie Night. It was not meant to be a fundraiser, it is a community event, but Dad’s Club got sponsors to cover it and then some.

How do you feel about the 2 x/month emails from HRP? Group approves of this and thinks we cannot have fewer and prefer not to have more.

How do you feel about the one fundraising per year? – People are happy there was one fundraiser. Better to not be constantly asked.

Parenting workshop went well, “Being an Askable Parent” and “The ABCs of Sexuality”. Those in the room say it was very useful and a great meeting.

It was about filling in your child’s knowledge gaps with your own values to make sure you are your child’s first resource.
Parent feedback: “I learned it is not the talk, but it is something that should be part of an ongoing conversation.”
“It was a great meeting.”

There is a lot of discussion regarding a need for more guidance/events/community outreach early on in the year. Parents felt they didn’t know what to expect and how to access resources at school. Multiple kindergarten parents present who felt lost at the beginning of the year. Also parents who started for their first year at Simis with 2nd graders, etc. who felt like there was not a lot of community/welcoming to help them with the transition.

Do we need a how-to video for registration? How to for starting kindergarten?

Survey for needs for next year? – Needs for kindergarten – Need more information early on.

Ask the teachers if they are getting a lot of the same questions so we can preemptively answer those for the incoming parents.

Yarden moves to close.
Tara seconds

Meeting adjourned

January 2020 General PATS Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2020 – PATS General Meeting
Location:  Jessie’s House: at 6:30 p.m.

Call Meeting to Order:  Jessie Spalding at 645v

Introduction:  Jessie Spalding


A very powerful speech from the founder who lost her own teenage son to suicide. Not a dry eye in the house.

This is an admirable organization that hosts many family-friendly events through the year including: Volunteer day for an animal sanctuary, assembling “Z-Packs” for distribution to those in need, creating “kindness rocks”, etc. See the website for more information.

Attendees all expressed interest in having the speaker at Simis to give a presentation to the kids, which she does at schools regularly.


Principal’s Report

For out of district students only: Open enrollment is going on right now. Ends January 26th. If you are current Simis student, do NOT reapply. You will find out by March 1st if you are accepted.

Laura and Lindsay are meeting with teachers to go over MAP scores and instructional goals.

Conferences are going great. 2nd-4th graders are doing an awesome job with their student-led conferences. Remember, you can meet with your teacher at any time, not just during conferences.

No school on Monday in honor MLK (this was published late; hope you didn’t go)

1/22 Parent University @ 6pm – Stress Free Homework

1/22 Author Visit @ Simis

Community CPR class at Madison District Office Board Room, 2-8 pm Anyone 8 and up can attend. February 8th. $13 per person, exact change required.

Safety committee for the parking lot is developing. If you are interested in taking part in this, please reach out to PATS.

Culture day on Friday, February 14th. We have 19 cultures being represented and are always open to more. Please contact Melissa Powers if you are interested in participating.

Tuesday, 1/21 100th day of school – dress like you’re 100 years old.

President’s Report
We are looking for Simis parents to take a bigger role in PATS. We need new board members and committee chairs. Contact PATS for more information.

Teacher Report
Jessie for teacher – The teachers are grateful for all of the grants that have been approved. Teachers are using this money to create new and exciting opportunities for our kids, add books to their class libraries, provide additional instructional equipment in their classrooms, attend continuing education conferences in order to learn new skills for teaching our students – and so much more.

Fun Run –    Have already started collecting money. Website is open!
This is the ONLY fundraiser of the year
Goal this year is 125K
Pep Rally on January 28th in the morning. Planning for 8 and 9 am, time not yet confirmed.

Dine Outs/Skate Party –
February 24th @ Culvers – Look for the flyer in your kid’s mailbox
Greatskate in April, date to come…

Fair Update
Fair was great. We basically broke even, which was the point as this was an awesome, free community event for our Simis family and we did not request donations from our parents.

Spring season for Kinder, first, and second grade is starting.

Season starts on Tuesday, 1/21

At the time of the meeting, there were classes who still did not have volunteers to run the program, but since then those spots have been filled. There is likely always room for more, so please Stephanie Hendricks if you are interested –

Green Team
First grade had a recycling presentation by waste management.

We recycle a lot including: snack bags, ziplock bags, granola wrappers, cardboard, plastics, etc. There will even be a new crayon recycling program.

Sarah will reach out to Stephanie to work on composting for the DIGGS garden.

Melissa with Blue Orthodontics here with business cards. They do a lot of sponsorship for the school. You can reach out to her if you need any sponsorship and needs.

Art Masterpiece has three rotations left, February, March, and April. They currently have 100 volunteers, but they always have room for more volunteers.

Jessie moves to close. Yarden seconds. Meeting closed @ 8:13PM

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

PATS General Public Meeting

October 2, 2019

7:20 AM – Simis Library

Call meeting to order – Jessie Spalding at 7:30 AM

Introductions – Jessie Spalding

Carol Bates – Be Smart Presentation (survivor of gun violence; son died in 1994)

Designed to teach gun sense in the home to keep children safe.  The non-political organization believes in common-sense gun legislation. 

Firearms 2nd leading cause of death in children; leading cause of death for African American children.  1,500 kids die every year from gun violence. Average of 4 kids killed every day by gun violence. Nearly 800 die by homicide.  

In the incident of gunfire on school grounds, 78% of shooters are under the age of 18, obtained guns from family or friends.

SMART model:  Secure | Model | Asking | Recognize | Tell

    • Secure all guns in your homes and vehicles
      • 13 million households in the U.S. contain at least one gun


  • Model responsible behavior


      • It is always an adult’s responsibility to prevent unauthorized access to guns, not a curious child’s responsibility to avoid guns
      • Make it part of the normal safety conversation you have with kids
      • Tell kids “If you see a gun, don’t touch it, tell an adult right away.”


  • Asking about unsecured guns in others homes


      • Make it part of your normal safety conversation when sending your child to a new home
      • 4.6 million kids live in a household with at least one loaded/unlocked gun


  • Recognize the role of guns in suicide


      • Most people who attempt suicide do not die – unless they use a gun
      • 85% of suicide attempts with a gun result in a death
      • 40% of child suicides involve a gun
      • Nearly half of those who survive a suicide attempt spend at least 10 minutes prior contemplating their decision
      • A survey of high school students revealed at least 17% considered suicide in the last year


  • Tell your peers to be SMART


    • Military/law enforcement/hunting or outdoor groups are effective at communicating safe storage practices

Laura Webb – Simis Principal

  • Fall Break next week; Half day on Friday, 11:00 AM dismissal
  • Fall Conferences – first three days after break.  Teachers sending sign-up information prior to fall break. Goal is that every single child has a parent/teacher conference experience.  
  • Lock down drill on Monday afternoon – parents received advanced warning.  1100 people on campus on any given day. Lockdown lasted about 20 minutes and every person on campus was accounted for. Kids go to least visible part of the room.  It is critical to practice. Teachers had conversations with students to be aware of the procedures – very conscientious of language used with kids. There will be two more unannounced drills this year.
    • Parent question – are there window coverings?  At this point, there are not. Simis has requested that through upcoming bond.
    • Parent requested to send Be Smart material to parents as well.  
    • Parent Question:  If a parent is visiting on campus during a lockdown, what does the parent do?  Any teacher will sweep any adult into the secure area and the teacher will account for the parent.  
    • Parents are notified after the school is secured.  Incident command center is set up on campus. District is notified.  Very sophisticated procedure. Primary responsibility is to take lead from emergency (fire/police) at their direction.
  • Upcoming Election – bond and override for Madison.  Madison Advocates will speak at this meeting. Vote!  Fact sheets available in front office for informed decisions.
  • Simis Scoop is available weekly in electronic form only now.  Please read! Principal’s pen addresses current/timely issues (i.e. parking.)
  • Please update your PowerSchool account – only 40% of Simis families have updated.  Please update even if none of your information has changed. Need to have accurate contact information so parents can be reached in case of emergency.
  • Ms. Hubbs was named PYP teacher of the year!  Congratulations Ms. Hubbs!
  • Sophie Garcia was named PYP student of the year.  Congratulations Sophie!

Stephanie Hendricks – Madison Advocates

In charge of campaign for upcoming bond – Nov. 5, 2019 General Election – mail in ballot only.  Ballots mailed out on Oct. 9. Contact Maricopa County Recorder’s Office to request mail in ballot by Oct. 25.  Last day to drop off mail in ballot is Oct. 30. 

Madison Advocates Legislative Town Hall:  October 15, 6 p.m. at Madison District Boardroom

    • Recently sent teachers to Uganda last summer
    • Madison Park received grant from SRP to update library
    • Teacher of the Week – Amy Ball (MTA)
    • Bond rating upgraded – Accreditation with AdvancED
      • Determined to be a low risk credit investment district
    • Facts about upcoming 2019 bond:
      • Bond is a financing tool used by many public sector entities including schools and local governments
      • Board authorized and voter approved
      • Building or renovation of buildings
      • Equipment or technology
      • Furniture
      • Improvement of school grounds
      • Purchase of transportation vehicles
    • 2015 Bond – voters generously approved $94 million
    • Arizona continues to rank at the bottom of nearly every funding category, continues to be a heavy reliance on local funding (bonds/overrides)
    • Cumulative statewide loss of state DAA (capital/M&O) funding was $2.6 BILLION between 2009-2019
    • Our kids need schools that are safe and secure
    • The Building Renewal Fund was repealed and replaced with Building Renewal Grants which isn’t funded adequately AND requires systems to fail before a district can qualify!


  • It’s far more efficient to replace an aging school building than to continually repair.  At Madison Simis the District saw nearly $50,000 in efficiency savings and they went from using 1,241,100 KWH to 868,320 KWH in 4 years!


  • Technology and innovation are driving how our kids are learning today.  We need to stay competitive by accommodating cutting edge learning spaces
  • Parent question – would solar panels be with parking covers in parking lot?
    • Uncertain as of now but will look into it
  • Override – applies to Maintenance and Operations Budget only 
  • Will NOT increase taxes
  • Why need a Bond and Override?
    • A bond must be used to fund capital projects that have a useful lifespan of greater than 5 years
    • A maintenance and operations override is used for running the schools
    • Funds from one “bucket” canNOT be used in another “bucket”


President’s Report – Jessie Spalding

  • New sport court up and running. Great feedback from students and teachers.
  • About 10 teacher grants approved at every board meeting ranging from special conferences for teachers to bring new ideas/programs to our school to tangible items in the classroom
  • Custodian day reminder – today!  Thank your Simis custodian. They will be getting gift card thank you’s from PATS in appreciation of them.
  • Sister schools update – $500 grants raised from dine-out funds raised will be given to support Madison sister schools

Fall Fair Updates – Meredith 


  • Check out – the fair page is up.  
  • Fliers
  • Every kid is getting an orange fair flyer with the fact sheet info on the back sent home on Friday


Fundraising – Jenny & Tara


  • Next Dine outs (Miracle Mile 10/15) & (Blaze 11/25)
  • Spirit Wear going back on sale after fall break

Community Event – Biby

  • Trick or Treat at Fall Fair (not Trunk or Treat – logistically difficult with the layout)
  • Turkey Trot and Book Fair 11/23

Meeting Adjourned 


August PATS General Meeting Minutes 2019

PATS 2019-2020 General Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2019

Call meeting to order – Jessie Spalding

Introductions – Jessie Spalding

  • Board introduces all 2019-2020 members

Principal Report – Laura Webb

  • Started off year well
  • District strategic plan revised – strong emphasis on social/emotional growth and learning.  New Vision this year: Inspiring passion for learning and leading in an ever changing world.  Mission Statement: Foster success for all through dynamic, engaging, relevant learning experiences focusing on student academic, social and emotional growth.  Large push on district to push social/emotional learning. Started year with all employees having an all-district training on this topic. Very enlightening for all employees.  Making all kids feel safe and creating a positive learning environment.
  • Simis specific impact:  Continuing with mindfulness 12 original and 12 new teachers implementing training/teaching.  30 min lessons on self-awareness, calming, self-regulation techniques. Also working on 5 radical minutes, focusing on active listening skills.  Anxiety seems to be an issue for many kids and trying to incorporate ways for students to belong. Ask your kids about what they are learning in class relating to this – hopefully you’ll hear as parents learning.
  • First Parent University coming up – will be a total of 4.
    • 1st Parent University:  August 28th at 6:00 p.m. (Madison Center for the Arts)
    • “Growth Mindset:  Why Every Parent Needs One”
  • For example – MAP testing coming up.  Focusing on bookmark with a checklist for kids (ie. taking time, using scratch paper – different tools that can help with test taking/skill set.)
  • MAP testing was supposed to start this week, will be postponed for at least another week.  Other schools went first and had issues so our testing will delayed until issues can be fixed.
  • Safety committee will be started across district dealing with facilities, procedures, safety drills etc.  Parents are welcome to join and get involved. Contact Ms. Webb if interested.
  • Heat advisory:  District follows guidelines of Trust – group of schools that work together to advise all schools.  Usually with heat advisory, any temperature over 110 degrees, kids will be pulled in part of the day.  Too many health issues to let kids stay outside. Expect that for the following week as well.
  • Parking Lot:  Kindergarten parking lot is a new procedure (at MAC parking lot.)  That protocol is working well. Cars have been out of parking lot by 2:40 p.m.  Front parking lot, complaints of people cutting around, speeding through, arguments between adults and dangerous behavior.  Ms. Webb will focus on the front parking lot this week and observe driving behavior. Hoping to mitigate problems and see if any physical changes can be made to make is safer, which is the #1 goal.
  • Question regarding Active Shooter Training in letter from Dr. Baca:  There have been lock-down and lock out training. There are two different procedures.  District is still trying to work out how to explain to students. This is the purpose of the safety committee to work out the details.  Dr. Baca will inform parents before anything is explained to the kids. Main objective would be to make sure that kids are safe and in order to have a plan, have to practice.

Teacher Report – Jocelyn Harding

  • This was best back to school training and experience in her 17 years.
  • New administrators have been very supportive and has been helpful having a fresh set of eyes evaluating how to do things better.
  • Teachers were spoiled with breakfast from PATS and gift cards for the classroom.
  • Teachers are very thankful for all of PATS for their support

President Report – Jessie Spalding & Yarden Tahan

  • Future meeting dates:
    • General Meeting: 8/18, 10/2, 1/16, 3/8, 4/22
    • Trying to balance different times/schedules to accommodate different parents schedules.
  • Sign up for PATS Blast, PATS web page, PATS Instagram and FB pages for information
    • All calendar information is updated
  • Yearbook sales will all be in advance this year. We have some extras from last year if anyone wants, but we do not plan to have extras this year, so please pay in advance online.
    • In advance if someone can’t afford – Ashley (yearbook chair) said Dorian donates 10-15 extra yearbooks.  Any family in need can reach out to Wendy or nurse to set them up. It’s a confidential list. The office can distribute.  Helping families in need committee exists (on website) and any families in need can also reach out to the committee.
    • Can buy a yearbook last year in the library.
  • Will be speakers at future PATS meetings.  If anyone has any recommendations, PATS will welcome any suggestions.

Treasurer Report – Dan Santibanez

  • Vote on Budget – Zaina/Ashley (all aye, none approved). Budget has been approved.
  • One fundraiser this year – Fun Run
    • Targeting to bring in $115,000 this year
  • Budget looks similar to last year
    • $13,000 more than we’re bringing in because that’s because there is money in reserve

Fair Update – Meredith Francis

  • Continuing as last year, fair is no longer a fundraiser but a community event
  • 26th from 1pm-5pm (10 weeks away!)
  • First Volunteer meeting last week. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Meredith.
  • Free Admission this year
  • All games are free
  • Combining with Truck or Treat
    • Hard to get volunteers, easier to have in one night
    • Good focus on Fun Run for the Spring
    • Question about how parking/trunk or treat will work together.  Goosebumps (event planner) will have map ready by the next meeting. Cars will not be leaving (almost like a ride) for the whole fair.  Optional to participate. Trunk or Treat will be scheduled for the last 2 hours of the fair.
    • Next Fair general meeting will be posted on the PATS website
    • Meredith will put together a frequently asked questions.
  • Rides, food vendors and a raffle
  • No class baskets this year
  • Encouraging any and all volunteers


Community  Outreach – Biby Carbonneau

  • Flyer for Parents Night Out
    • 9/7/19 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    • Linger Longer Lounge 6522 N. 16th Street
    • Appetizers will be provided
    • Hoping to see new faces!
    • Preschool is invited and included


Committee Chair Positions Open –  Jessie

  • Some committee chairs looking to take over for next year because committee chairs will be moving onto Middle School next year but can train this year for next year.
    • Yearbook
    • Book Fair – co chair
    • Copy Cats
    • Back to School Packs
    • Picture Day


Diggs update –  Amy and Stephanie

  • Please volunteer!
  • Certain teachers need help: (pass onto homeroom parent committee)
    • Magnusson (uncertain)
    • Abel
    • Bilger
    • Lernor
    • Roussin
  • If anyone is open to helping a class, even if their child is not in the classroom, please let us know
  • Only 14 days, schedule can be flexible.  About an hour a week of time is needed.
  • Please spread the word.
  • It’s a very structured, easy to follow program (even for the non-gardener.)
  • Fun to get kids outside
  • For the Fall:
    • 3rd grade – salsa garden
    • 4th grade – 3 sisters garden


Fundraising Report – Tara Allen


  • Only ONE main fundraiser this year, Fun Run in the Spring
  • Using Boosterthon again as company so more money stays with Simis
  • Dine outs are a fun way for Simis families to get together and raise $ for Sister Schools. Next dine out is: Friday, August 30th at Great Skate, $7 to skate from 5:00 pm-7:30p.m.
    • All sales will go to Madison Sister Schools as distributed by PATS
  • Spirit wear shop is open, will close on: 8/24/19.

Dad’s Club – John Shaff


  • Focus this year: getting preschool and kindergarten Dads involved
  • First Event:  Game Night on 9/6/19 at 6:00 p.m. at the Healy House (address on flier/BLAST)
  • First Dads Club Meeting:  Tuesday, 8/20/19 at 7:00 p.m. At Shaff House (will rotate to different houses.)
  • Movie Night moved to February 28, 2020 at sunset (hoping for more volunteers!)
  • Christmas Tree Pick Up (first Saturday, Jan. 4th)
  • Meadows/Simis Dads Club Softball Game
  • Dad’s Club Adult Only Social – April 18, 2020


Green Team – Sarah Santibanez

  • Meeting Thursday Aug. 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Orchard
  • Want to get students more involved with education and recycling.  Looking to expand and do more activities for Earth Day.

Picture Day – Vongmaly

  • Needs volunteers
  • Sept. 17th is picture day.  Work 7:45 to lunchtime. Donuts provided.
  • Any block of time will be appreciated. Parent helps with the photographer get the kids in line, fix hair etc. so teacher can get back to the classroom.  It helps kids get to lunch on time as well.
  • Parent volunteers get free pictures of the child
  • Teacher parents get a discount

Close Meeting – Jessie Spalding

Zaina moves to close and Vongmaly seconds. Meeting adjourned.


January PATS General Meeting Minutes 2019

PATS General Meeting


Flip Dunk

Charlotte called the meeting to order @ 501


Approval of last meeting minutes that are posted on the PATS website

John Called to approve minutes
Cindy Seconds

All I’s



Principal’s Report – Ms. Atkinson on behalf of Dr. Flowers
In January, the teachers and admin finished “Data Chats”
If scoring on MAP testing does not meet the standards of a highly effective teacher, the teacher will comprise a three-point plan for improvement.


Dee asks if the scoring is made public. Ms. Atkinson states the scores are reported to the board and the cabinet but not to the public.


If you know anyone who would like to participate in Culture Day, please contact Melissa Powers.


Senor M will be back tomorrow.


Teacher’s Report – Ms. Atkinson on behalf of Ms. Harding

Thank you for the conference food.

Teachers are excited for the update to the Fun Run.

Teachers are very happy about the table under the staircase in the first-grade building.


President’s Report – Charlotte & Jessie

  • Playground update

1-2 playground will have a new basketball/athletic court.

There are hopes to expand the playground further with playground equipment in a second phase.


  • Madison Dash

Watch for information via email for this fun event.


  • Canned soup drive

We are collecting soup for St. Mary’s food bank. St. Mary’s specifically asked for cans of soup. There will be a box available in the front office to drop off your cans of soup. SPREAD THE WORD!


  • Teacher Grants
    Teachers can request grants for items they need for their classroom. PATS has money for teacher needs and we can all remind our teachers of this if they have a big want for the room.


  • Please check website for updated PATS calendar.
    For school-wide information (like dates of TCT Wednesdays), check the district calendar.



VP Community Programs Report – Cindy

  • Family Assistance said there was an amazing response to holiday helping.

There were 29 families and everyone received an outfit and toy and some food was also distributed.


  • DIGS is starting this week.


  • Art Masterpiece is going strong


  • Planning for end-of-the-year adult  social/happy hour



Treasurer’s Report – Dan & Brian

Nothing to report.

If anyone needs a copy of the budget, reach out to Dan.


Fun Run – Jenny

Last year the Fun Run made a LOT of money, >100k.

The main complaint is that the company that helped with Fun Run took a good chunk of the money. Because of that, the main change this year is using Boosterthon instead, which takes a significantly smaller percentage of $. Because of this, they do not offer as much hands-on assistance so we need more volunteers (THIS IS YOU).


All of the pledging is done online:

Pep Rallys will be on Tuesday (1/29) at 8 and 9 am in the Cafeteria.

Kids will come home with a pledge book on Tuesday (1/29).
You will receive emails every night with different character-based themes.

The actual fun run is occurring on 2/8/19.

We will need volunteers (AGAIN, YOU) to help mark t-shirts during the run.


Jenny will send photos to Dee for the yearbook.


Spring Fair – Angel

We are looking for sponsors!
This is exclusive sponsorship (so one orthodontist, one gymnastics facility…). We have about 2K people attending, so this is a great audience for one’s business.


We are also looking for smaller donations

If you know anyone who is opening to sponsorship please contact Angel.

We are hoping to have the event free to enter with a few tickets provided and cost for more tickets. This is dependent on us having enough sponsors.

Food trucks are donating back 20%

There are a lot of fun, interactive events for the kids as well as rides.
Baskets are all going to be raffles instead of silent auction. Tickets will be $5.

We are still collecting stuffed animals and toys for game prizes.

Next fair meeting is 2/5/19 @ 9am at Simis or 7pm at Luci’s.


Library Help Schedule of classes – Yarden
Keep an eye out for a class schedule of when each teacher is in the library so you (YOU) can volunteer to help shelve books while your child’s class is in the library.

Dad’s Club

  • Parent social on 4/13.
  • Kinder Roundup on 2/5.
  • 1.5K from Christmas Tree pickup.
  • Next Dad’s Club meeting is 2/12
  • Parent Spring Social is 4/13 – Chris Lubac is hosting. There will be a DJ, food, silent auction, etc. More details to follow.
  • Dad’s Club will have dunk tank at the Spring Fair
  • John will research some district options to help cut cost when we show films.




Next meeting date/time/location: February 20th @ 630PM off campus, preferably at someone’s home. If you want to host, please reach out to Charlotte. That said, location TBD.

Jon motioned to adjourn.

Jenny seconds.

All I’s

Meeting adjourned @ 5:38

February PATS 2019 Meeting Minutes

Culture Day is Friday, February 15th. Show Simis some post-Valentine’s Day love and volunteer! Melissa Powers is looking for some warm bodies to run tables or simply to help others with their tables. If you know anyone who would like to participate in Culture Day, please contact Melissa Powers:

Thanks to all of YOUR generosity, the 1-2 playground will have a new athletic court (woo-hoo). We’re hoping to expand the playground even further with new equipment in phase two (so get your fun-run donations in –

Madison Dash to the Bash is around the corner. Saturday, March 9th See you there!

Simis is Soup-er!!! In light of the recent government shut down our neighborhood pantries are cleaned out. Simis is teaming up with St. Mary’s Food Bank to collect food to restock. The specific request is for cans of soup as this can provide a full meal. That said, we’re not turning away any non-perishable food items. Please leave your donations in the large boxes by the front office.

Help be the voice of PATS and remind your teachers that there are teacher grants available for classroom needs. These grants range from cost coverage for teacher continuing education conferences to classroom supplies (books, tables, rugs, etc.) If your student’s teacher has a need, please ask her/him to reach out to PATS for help.

Spring fair is looking for sponsors!!! This is exclusive sponsorship. We have about 2K people attending, so this is a great audience for one’s business. Contact Angel Conway with PATS if you’re interested or send me an email and I’ll pass it along.

Next fair meeting is 2/5/19 @ 9am at Simis or 7pm at Luci’s.

Adult spring social hosted by Dad’s Club is around the corner: 4/13. DJ, food, silent auction…

Next Dad’s Club meeting is 2/12

Next meeting date/time/location: February 20th @ 630PM off campus, preferably at someone’s home. If you want to host, please reach out to Charlotte. That said, location TBD.

And as always, go to for more information.

Yarden Tahan, PATS Secretary

March 2019 PATS Meeting Minutes

3/27/19 – PATS General Meeting
Madison Simis

Call meeting to order – Charlotte

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers
Laura Webb is our incoming principal. She is the assistant principal at Rose Lane. She is a mother and was a social worker in a past career.
She and Dr. Flowers meet every other week to aid in the transition.

Our new assistant principal is she is Lindsay Murray, currently working as a data analyst in the Madison School District. Ms. Murray has a strong understanding of our assessment tools, IB schools (as a former IB coordinator), and how to assist teachers.

Teacher Rep – Ms. Harding
One of the highlights this month has been the classroom money received as a result of the very successful Fun Run. Ms. Harding has a new globe that says Russia instead of USSR!!! Welcome to 1991!

President’s Report – Charlotte & Jessie

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes (which are posted online)
Jessie moved to approve.
Yarden seconds.

2019-2020 Slate
Pres: Jessie Spalding
Pres Elect: Yarden Tahan
Fundraising: Jenny Goldman
Fundraising Elect: Tara Allen
Spring Fair: Meredith Francis
Community: Biby Carbonneau
District Relations: Glen Sheriff
Treas: Dan Santibanez
Treasurer Elect: Brian Foltyn
Secretary: Blaire Griffin

If someone wants to run against someone on the slate for one of these positions, you can submit your name to Jessie Spalding before the next PATS general meeting.

We will vote in the slate at the next meeting. We need a quorum to vote (quorum is 10 so hopefully we’ll have A LOT more!).

Playground Update – Dan
We are working with the district on phase one of the playground (athletic court). It looks like it will be put in over the summer as we do not want to interfere with RAMS.

Phase two plan is to extend the current playground. We are currently deciding in which direction to extend the playground based on cost and position of underground utilities.

We are also hoping to revamp the kindergarten playground in the future pending more information from an upcoming bond meeting.

We have a survey going out to all kindergarteners, first, and second graders via the teachers to determine what equipment is most important to them for future playgrounds.

Book Fair – Cindy
Book fair is the week after the Spring Fair. We need a LOT of volunteers. The library will be open during Open House and it will be very busy. We need volunteers and, you get a voucher for money to spend at the fair!!!
The library gets money to buy new books based on book fair sales.
Simis leads the state in book fairs because of parents like YOU helping!

With that in mind, we need someone to take over the book fairs for next year. There are two fairs a year, a small one during Turkey Trot and a larger one during Open House.

Spring Fair Update – Angel
Spring Fair is THIS SATURDAY!!!
All games and rides are free – woo hoo!!!
We still need volunteers for the class game booths.

Basket items wrapped today.
We have tons of prizes for the raffle.

We also have big premier sponsors who will each have a free raffle at their respective booths (AZ Pet Vet, Dunn Orthodontics, etc.).



Dads Club
Parent Night Out Party – April 13th. Tickets are on sale currently on the PATS website.

Next Meeting: Sunday, April 14th, 4:45 pm @ Flip Dunk

Jessie moved to close meeting
Kaitlyn seconds.

April 2019 General PATS Meeting Minutes

PATS General Meeting
Sunday, 4/14/19 @5:00
Flip Dunk Sports

Call meeting to order @ 5pm – Charlotte

Jessie moves to approve last month’s meeting minutes.
Jocelyn seconds
All I’s

We would like to make a change to the VP roles, getting rid of spring fair, adding a VP of district communications
Kaitlyn moves to approve
Blaire seconds
All I’s

Voting of 2019-2020 board members.
President: Jessie Spalding
Presiden Elect: Yarden Tahan
Secretary: Blaire Griffin
Treasurer: Dan Santibanez
Co-Treasurer: Brian Foltyn
Fundraising: Jenny Goldman
Co-Fundraising: Tara Allen
Spring Fair: Meredith Francis
District Relations: Glen Sheriff
Community Events: Biby Carbonneau
Teacher Representative: Jocelyn Harding

No other volunteers to run.

Angel moves to approve slate
Kaitlyn seconds
All I’s

Introduction of Ms. Laura Webb, new principal at Simis
Introduction of Lindsay Murry, new assistant principal at Simis

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers
Working at Simis has been a pleasure x 14 years. She has loved working with all of our students.
4th grade AZ Merit has completed; we have some makeups for students who have been absent and that will be completed by the end of this week.

Dr. Flowers and Ms. Webb have been meeting regularly to prepare for next year.

Teacher’s Report – Ms. Harding
Teachers were very happy with spring fair.
Book Fair was a huge success and teachers all got new books as a portion of the proceeds.
Thank you for attending Open House.

Spring Fair Review – Angel
Spring Fair was a big success. We do not have financial #’s in yet. Goal is to break even. Online survey gave us some advice for next year. Positives: Free entrance, food trucks, raffle instead of auction.
Suggestions: Different time because of heat, need for more bathrooms.
If anyone has more suggestions to share, please send them to Angel.

Dine Out – Charlotte for Susan
Instead of a dine out, we’re having a Simis Skate Party!
Wednesday, April 24th from 5-730.
Admission: $3 + $ for skates.
100% of admission $ goes to Camelview

School Supplies – School supplies box saves you time and money. Go to the PATS Blast or PATS Facebook page for ordering information.

Playground Update – Dan
We gave the money for the athletic court to the district. We have been pressuring them to move forward with getting the athletic court in place. Goal is to have it done this summer.

Book Fair information – Jessie
Savannah has chaired the bookfair > 10 years. She met her goal this year of making 25K at the bookfair. This book fair is the most successful in AZ, maybe in the country, definitely in the world!
We get 70% of proceeds to go to books for teacher’s rooms and the library.

Dad’s Club – John
Spring Social was last night. Everyone had fun and Dad’s Club raised some $.
Dad’s Club would love to have more dads involved.
Dee suggested having some meetings first thing in the morning after drop off in order to capture more dads who work in the evening.

Teacher Appreciation Committee – Tracy
Committee is using a resort theme for teacher appreciation week this year.
Making bathrooms feel more spa-like
Classroom delivery of beverages
Donuts & Coffee Day – Need morning helpers
Nacho Taco Salad Bar – Late Morning/Afternoon helpers needed
Dinner gift cards and desserts
Charcuterie board day
Gifts distributed throughout the week
Tracy is looking for travel-sized reusable straws for the teachers. If you know of any (hoping $2 or less), please let Tracy know. for more information or if you have any ideas.
Many SignUpGenius lists to come. WATCH YOUR EMAIL from your homeroom parents and Wendy Carmona.
Thank you Tracy for all of your hard work!!!

Future Fifth Grader Night: May 9th @ 530. The Gym at Madison Meadows.

Buy your yearbooks.  $20 now. Will cost $25 on and after May 1st.

4th grade graduation party: May 15th, 2-4PM, Flip Dunk, $11 per child

4th grade water party May 17th. More information to come home from your teachers. Jenny Goldman and Angel Conaway are the contacts if you want more information.
We are hosting this at a water park to be more in line with our water conservation education and efforts at Simis. It is an indoor event and there are non-swimming activities available as well. The cost will be covered by tax credit money. We are looking for 5 volunteers per class. Teachers will coordinate this for their class.

Dee asks why the graduation is scheduled for the last day of school.
Dr. Flowers points out this is an awards assembly with the musical performance but not an actual graduation. Kids will travel there by bus and return to school by bus as well. The assembly should be between 9-1030.

There is also an idea for a clap-out brought forth by Michelle Beckett. All the kids in the school will line the sidewalks and clap as the fourth graders walk through to get on the busses.

Good bye party for Dr. Flowers. Keep an eye out for more information about the event on May 7th 4-6 @ Laderra. We will have appetizers and cash bar. Parents and teachers, NO KIDS. Evite to follow.

Jessie moves to close
Yarden seconds
All I’s.

November Meeting Minutes 2018

PATS General Meeting

Friday, November 16, 2018

Executive board members present:

Charlotte Shaff

Jessie Spalding

Kaitlynn Brimhall

Jenny Goldman
Jocelyn Harding

Cindy Wagner
Joyce Flowers


Parent introductions.

There will be no December PATS general meeting.


Last months meeting minutes:

Jessie Spalding approves.

Amy Hsiung seconds.


Dr. Kenneth Baca:

  • Importance of social-emotional needs of studentsSafe school and community first, academics will come. We want to keep that “A” rating but not at the expense of the safety of our students.Plan for initiatives such as trainings, community forums. Grant needed to fund this. We need smaller class sizes for social-emotional needs. Challenge is: how many to decrease by? 1 wouldn’t make a difference. What’s the magic number? Say 6, where would those students go? There is a teacher shortage. Reducing open enrollments?-We are funded by amount of students, $5700-5800 per student. We have 34 and a half classes. Dr. Baca is committed to exploring options to reduce class sizes. Budget advisory committee is in place to look at all possibilities.

  • Retirement of Dr. Flowers. 13 years in Simis community. Moving to Kansas to be with grandchildren. Community forum will be held before applications accepted. What qualities are desired? Interview forum will include parents. Will have a lot of parent input..

  • Open to questions:

    • Mindfulness still occurring? Yes, through mid-Jan. For 30 min weekly, someone comes into class to model this for teachers and students in pilot classes. How the superintendent looks at this- Mindfulness falls into the PBIS curriculum. Approaching discipline: not jumping to suspension, less adult intervention, letting students solve conflict on their own. Open to it. Seeing which schools are open to this.

    • District should get recommendations from legislature hopefully by April, maybe May. Already committed to 5% raise to teacher.

  • Thank you for being involved. Representing parents who can’t be here. Keep district accountable.


Principal’s Report:

  • Social emotional. In January all classrooms will be utilizing “5 radical minutes”- daily 5 min script for teachers to utilize with students. Multiple components. Long term plan was to continue with 12 classrooms each year. If you want this to continue, use your voice.

  • Dr. Flowers is full on approachable, listening right up to last day June 30th. Dr. Baca will be available throughout process. Madison is well known, even with teacher shortage-our positions get filled with great teachers.


Fun Run- Jenny:

  • Jan 29-Feb 8: fun run. Booster-a-thon instead of APEX. Booster is 80/20 split, meaning they get 20% of funds raised. APEX was 60/40.  Requires more work on PATS part but a lot of support is still provided by company. We won’t have the APEX people on campus- however this did cause interruption. One parent per grade volunteer to get helpers to pass out prizes, a repofrt will be printed off daily, prizes handed to teachers to pass out at their leisure. Still will have character theme. STEAM based- “Mindspark Mystery”. New student star video that can be personalized with your child’s photo to send to families.

  • Sponsors needed for students to each get a t-shirt. Hopefully by end of December we will have sponsors. Blue orthodontics so far- $500. We need $4000 total.

  • Discussion re: something other than shirts, such as a bag or cape. Main purpose of shirt it to mark how many laps are run and show unity. If we can’t get donors for shirts there are stickers that can be used instead.

  • Reason for fundraiser: running for reading. Pays for our reading aides and interventionist.

Box tops-Zenia:

  • $900 so far for this collection.

  • Atkinson’s Class brought in most so will receive rotating trophy.

  • Pushing for use of App that you use to scan receipts.

  • Dime drive.


Advocacy chair-Stephanie:

  • Elected house representatives will be invited to forum to talk about priorities. Will occur in January after governor’s state address.

  • Training will be provided re: Request to Speak System in January.


Melissa Powers- IB coordinator

  • Seesaw. Portfolios to document IB. Parents should keep going on to comment on student’s work. Just getting started, so much potential. Brand new this year. Students can even take video. Comments will encourage students.

  • Mindfulness goes along well with IB.

  • PYP enhancements-exciting changes coming.

  • Culture day: Senor M and Ms. Powers team up for this. Team of teacher that meet: how to make it deeper and make it connect more academically, bring it in deeper. Less running around collecting things and more connecting internationally.


VP Community Programs Report-Cindy:

  • Turkey trot. Gates at 1pm. Races at 2pm. Bring canned, or boxed foods. Not the worse canned food item in your pantry.

  • Holiday helping starting soon. Expanding to Camelview to help families there.

    • Dee V. – has volunteered a lot in pantry, turkey trot, helping hands. Please don’t donate things you wouldn’t give your kids, for example, expired food.

    • Amy H.-big boxes of food will be donated by Lincoln center and given out to families on holiday helping list, for those families to make a holiday meal.

    • Holiday helping snowmen can be exchanged or an extra snowman can be picked up in the front office if you have more to give this year.

    • If you donate a gift card for helping hand, please write the amount.



  • Senor M: started radiation. Hoping to return in January.

  • Holiday party. Meadows hosting this year. Friday, Dec. 7. 3:30-8pm.


Meeting adjourned by: Jenny at 8:50 am.

Seconded by: Amy H..

October 2018 Meeting Minutes

10/15/18 – PATS General Meeting
Shaff Home – Thank you for hosting!

  • Call meeting to order – Charlotte Shaff, 18:40.
  • President’s Report – Charlotte Shaff

o   Approval of last month’s meeting minutes (which are posted online)

  • Yarden moves to improve. Megan approves. All approve.

We are asking for parent volunteers to hang out on the playground to watch the kids while parents go to their conferences. There is a Sign Up Genius, please watch for this on the PATS blast or through your homeroom parent emails.

  • Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers
    Jessie Spalding is the new librarian. She has made the library very welcoming and has a lot of great ideas for more improvements.

We need help in the parking lot.

We need adult volunteers (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon) to help patrol the parking lot before and after school next week (the week of 10/22).
Another thought is to repaint the parking lot with more directionals. Dad’s Club has volunteered to do this.
Another thought is paying off-duty police officers to manage the lot.

Another idea is to provide a week of warning initially and then following up with citations, stickers, etc.

Dr. Flowers is investigating cost to employee officers for this matter.

The school would like everyone to know there are times when there is not a sub available and, instead, a class must be split among the other teachers of that grade level, usually 4 additional students per class.

Subs make $100/day, interested parents can sign up for a sub certificate through the State of Arizona ($60) and then apply through the district to have a background check, fingerprint clearance, and basic training.

  • Madison Advocates – Mitra Khazai

If your ballot got wet, you can ask for a new ballot. You can go to the Madison Advocate webpage or the Maricopa Country Recorder website to get directions on how to request a new ballot.

Prop 126 – A yes vote would Prohibits any political subdivision (state, county, etc.) to propose increased tax on services.
Backed by AZ association of Realtors & National backers.
Services are becoming a greater portion of our economy.
The concern with this proposition is it is an amendment to our constitution. This makes it very inflexible.
Already in AZ, 2/3 of the legislatures have to approve to pass any tax increase. So, it is already difficult to increase taxes on services.
Madison Advocates is asking for a No vote to preserve the current state and local authority to impose a tax on services if necessary.

Prop 127 – A yes vote would require utilities regulated by corporation commission (not SRP) get 50% of power from renewable resources (solar & wind) & 10% from distributed renewable resources.
A No vote will preserve the existing rules.

Madison Advocates has no stance on the issue.

Prop 305 –

A yes vote diverts money away from public education and instead gives it for vouchers.

Madison Advocates is asking for a No vote on this.

Prop 306 – A yes vote would water down our clean elections process.

It weakens the authority of the Clean Elections Program.

Public education is best served when all people have an opportunity to run for election.

Madison Advocates is recommending a No Vote on this.

Regarding justices: recommending against Clint Bolick for retainment.

  • Teacher Rep – Ms. Harding

Fall Fundraiser was a great success. From a teacher’s perspective, it was very smooth

and enjoyable event (Awesome job Kaitlyn!!!)

Teacher’s just finalized grades and are getting ready for fall conferences.
Teachers are encouraging everyone to use SeeSaw to see your student’s digital portfolio. Kids really like seeing parent comments or “hearts” on their work.

  • Fall Fundraiser, Caring is Super! – Kaitlyn Brimhall

o   We exceeded our goal and are waiting on final numbers but are already above 45K.

  • Community Programs – Cindy Fairbanks

o   Trunk or Treat, 10/26 4-6pm
Please email Cindy @ if you can bring your car and participate.

  • Miscellaneous Fundraising –

o   Next Dine Out: November 7th @ Blaze. (12/4: Miracle Mile Deli)

o   Box Tops – There is a rotating trophy for the class who has the most Box Tops.
You can download the Box Tops Ap:
Second grade is winning right now.

  • Dads Club – John Shaff
    Movie Night is THIS FRIDAY, Hotel Transylvania
    Food Trucks are coming and plan to give 15% back. We will have numerous food trucks as well as Kona Ice, a popcorn vendor, and smoothie-making blender bikes.
    Next meeting is November 13th.
    In December 11th, there is a joint Meadows/Simis Dad’s club meeting.
    January 5th is the Christmas Tree Drive.
  • Next Meeting: Monday, Friday, November 16 @ 7:50 am
  • Charlotte adjourned the meeting @ 19:31.

September 2018 Meeting Minutes

9/9/18 – PATS General Meeting Minutes
Flip Dunk Sports

Charlotte Shaff called the meeting to order @ 15:17

President’s Report – Charlotte Shaff

      Introduction of board members

Yarden moved to approve last month’s meeting minutes.

Kaitlyn seconded.

All approved.

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers

  1. Mindfulness pilot is “working wonderfully,” “very helpful,” “amazing,” “love it.”
  2. August PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) data is the best it has ever been. (Is this related to #1, maybe?)
  3. Mr. McNulty underwent extensive surgery for removal of tumor and reconstruction of chin. He wants everyone to let the kids know that he will look different when he returns to school.

Teacher Rep – Katie Harkins stood in as teacher rep.
Mindfulness program is going great

Fall Fundraiser, Caring is Super! – Kaitlyn Brimhall
Theme: Caring is Super!
Cash Drive instead of kids selling junk no one wants, woo hoo!
100% volunteer based so 100% of proceeds stay with Simis
Easiest way to donate:
Can also take cash/check into the office. Please include student and teacher name on the check.
Please share the link with family and friends!
Goal, 45K, ~$50 per student. This is NOT the activity fee. This goes to PATS to pay for things the district does not cover.
Examples of where the money will go: DIGGS, Art Masterpiece, recess aides, family assistance, teacher conferences, community building events playground addition underway, etc.

If we reach our goal of 45k, we’ll have a bonus recess for all of the kids.
Top 3 classes: Party at Flip Dunk with pizza
Top 3 coin-collection classes: Ice Cream truck party
If we receive 1K caring cards, Dr. Flowers will dress up like a superhero.

Fun activities during the fundraiser:
This Friday, 9/14/18: Super Hero Dress UP Day!
Coin Collection
Photobooth week – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS (week of 9/17-9/21)
Caring bracelets (Orders due 9/17)
Caring cards

Kick off with coffee, TOMORROW, 9/10 to learn more! (In the entrance before school)

Community Programs – Yarden for Cindy

THANK YOU to Arts Masterpiece and DIGGS volunteers!

Book drive update – THANK YOU, Jessie!

Adult Night Out, Friday, 9/28 @ Madison Performing Arts Center:

Miscellaneous Fundraising – Charlotte for Susan

Next Dine Out – 10/2, 5-9pm @ Chipotle (Central & Camelback) 33% back to Simis

Box Tops, keep turning them in

Spirit Wear delivery ~9/20.

Treasurer’s Report – Dan Santibanez

PATS updated budget 2018-2019. Posted on the PATS webpage
The Fall Fundraiser goal is ½ of the total PATS budget.

Public Advocacy Committee – Jessie for Stephanie Hendricks

Upcoming event: Cocktails & Candidates, 9/13 6-8pm

Dads Club – Charlotte for John Shaff (2 min)

Game Night coming up 9/15, get tickets through simispats website in store.

Simis Spring Fair – Angel Conway

Fair is March 30th. We’re looking for some BIG sponsors right now to cover the cost of games in order to lower the cost for everyone to attend.

Instead of a silent auction, it is going to be raffle only.

Email Angel Conway for further information:

Teacher Appreciation – Tracy Bremmer
Breakfast 2 weeks ago went well; teachers loved it.
Next breakfast will be a potluck asking parents to bring in items. Items can be dropped off to Tracy or Erin the night before.
Sign Up Genius will go live tomorrow, 9/10/18

DIGGS – Leilani
Saturday, 9/29 8:00am garden work day working on sorting seeds.
We need volunteers from parents and kids. This could be great hours for community service hours for older kids.
We have over 10k seeds donated from Lowes
We are sharing seeds with other schools as well to help grow our neighbor’s gardens.

Contact Leilani for more information: 

Art Masterpiece – Megan Tracy
Just had the 100th volunteer sign up. September rotation schedule is coming out soon.

Next PATS Meeting October 15th @ 6:30 at the home of a board member, details to follow via Website and FB page.

Charlotte adjourned the meeting @ 15:56
Angel seconded

August 2018 PATS Meeting Minutes

PATS General Meeting
8/13/18, Simis Library

Dee Valadez spoke for a moment before the meeting to discuss a contest her son Seth is a part of in order to win a 10K donation to his charity of choice: Phoenix Theater.
For more information:

Charlotte called the meeting to order at 18:34
Introduction of board members

Meetings will be at different locations and different times to help reach as many families as possible.

Facebook has the most up to date PATS information

Dr. Flowers reviewed back to school night information.
Expectations (Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe) and Reinforcement Methods (Loops, Super Cyclone, Redirection, Reteaching, MIR etc.).
There are expectations for both children and adults on campus. All are available in the handbook.

Sunny, founder of Mindfulness First explained the program. It is a local nonprofit in its 5th year.
Will be at Simis for 16 weeks doing a pilot program teaching the children and teachers how to be more mindful.
12 classes are a part of the pilot program, minimum of one per grade level.
If your child’s class is a part of it, it would have been discussed during Open House.
There may be more classes participating in the future. The hope is to have 12 additional classes participating next year and the remaining 10 classes during the third year. Teachers elect to do this; it is not required.

The program teaches “Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning,” Teaching tools to manage stress and navigates life’s challenges.
Mindfulness First will have a team of three will be on our campus: Megan, Cheryl, and Jyoti

They have been working with Crockett Elementary for the past four years and have had amazing results.
For more information,


Ms. Harding filling in for Ms. Powers.
Changes coming this year: Redesigned Unit Planner.
We just found out a Simis Student is the PYP student of the year!
Mellissa Powers will be speaking at one of our future PATS meeting to give more information about IB and how it works at Simis.

Any questions, email Melissa Powers:


Ms. Harding
“Great start to the school year.”
She took a moment to thanks PATS for help in starting the year.
In particular, snacks and drinks for teachers, gift card for teacher supplies, balls for the playground.


Cindy Wagner
PATS is collecting gently used books to stock teacher classrooms.
Jessie, who is not only co-president but also a librarian, will categorize the books and distribute appropriately.
Please drop new or gently used books to collection area in the office.

PATS Sponsored Parents Night Out planned for September 28th. Will be held at the new Madison performance arts building on 16th Street and Missouri.
Parent’s only event. Free. Meet families. Have fun.

Kaitlin Brimhall
Fall Fundraiser is one of the two main fundraisers at Simis.
Taking place 9/10-9/28
Primarily a cash donation drive.
9/10 – Kick off with coffee
Will have a number of components:
Coin Drive – Homeroom parents will make a coin bank for each class
Bracelets, ordering 9/17
Caring Cards
9/17-9/21: Photo Booth
9/14: Super Hero Dress-up
9/28: Spirit Day


Susan Healey
8/22 – Shake Shack Dine out, all day event. Tell them you’re with Simis. 20% of proceeds go back to Simis!!
Spirit wear online orders through 9/28. We will send home orders with the kids.

Box Tops: Watch for product list coming home in your child’s backpack.


Angel Conaway
Fair date is March 30th.
There are a few changes this year:
All baskets are raffled (instead of silent auction)
More games and interactive fun stuff for kids


John and Chris
4th year of Dad’s Club at Simis
Goal is to get dads involved on campus.
Movie Night 10/19/18
Spring Social (Adults Only) 4/13/19
Raise money to provide extra things at Simis (ice machine, shade structures, working on playground structure)
First Meeting: August 21st,
Thereafter, Meetings are the 2nd Wednesdays of every month

For more information, email:

Amy Hsiung– Family Assistance
Erin Riley – Teacher Appreciation

Stephanie Hendricks – Advocacy Committee helping us get more involved with local government needs 9/13 – Meet the Candidate Night. More information to follow.

Leilani Ward-Smith– DIGS
Zenia Hickson – Box Tops
Sarah Santibanez – Green Team Recycling
Sage Ashley – Yearbook
Liz – Art Masterpiece
Sarah Ria- Copy Cats
Sarah Vrska – Homeroom parent coordinator
Michelle Beckett – Meet and Greet Committee
Lilly Randall – Turkey Trot to get more information on committees and committee chair contact information.

Dan Santibanez

Most fundraising comes from Fall Fundraiser and Fun Run
There are other passive fundraising methods throughout the year such as Dine Outs and Spirit Wear, but the bulk of fundraising is from Fall Fundraiser and Fun Run.

New this year: PATS funded a part time reading interventionalist thanks to the money from the Fun Run last year. Per Dr. Flowers, we got a great teacher.
This year’s goals: Purchasing an additional playground.

Jon Shaff moved to approve the budget as submitted
Amy Hsuing seconds
All I’s.

Budget will be posted on the website.


Jenny Goldman

Fun Run will take place 1/29/19 – 2/8/19
Changes to the Fun Run this year:
New company: Boosterthon (who has been working with MTA, who are very happy with them).

Fewer interruptions to the class. No people coming into the classroom. Instead, there will be a video every day for the teacher to play at her/his convenience.
There will be prizes for the kids as they raise money, but again, the teachers will pass these out at their discretion.
We will get a much bigger cut of the earnings, and will therefore need far more parent participation.
Anyone interested in helping morning activities (passing out prizes), participating in the assembly, etc., please contact Jenny Goldman.

NEXT MEETING DATE/TIME is Sunday, August 9 at 3pm Flip Dunk.


Charlotte Shaff moves to adjourn
Jessie Spalding seconds
All I’s

April 2018


APRIL 18, 2018

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Madison Performing Arts Center update/info. She showed a rendering of the auditorium. Impressive building with seating for 900 and plenty of parking.

Teachers Report: All good. And Ms Powers said she has enough mentors for 4th graders.

Surveys went out to 2nd/3rd grade parents Student Led Conferences and Digital Portfolios. Please answer to share your thoughts.

Dr Flowers and Ms Harding will be attending an event this summer to share feedback on your feedback.

Slate was voted on and approved for Executive PATS Board for 2018/2019.

President: Charlotte Shaff

President-Elect: Jessie Spaulding

Secretary: Yarden Tahan

Treasurer: Dan Santibanez

Treasurer-Elect: Brian Foltyn

VP – Fall Fundraiser: Kaitlynn Brimhall

VP – MidYear: Jenny Goldman

VP – Miscellaneous Fundraising: Susan Healy

VP Spring Fair – Angel Conaway

Community Programs: Cindy Wagner

Teacher Rep: Jocelyn Harding

Numerous committee Chairs positions open for new school year.

Please contact Charlotte and Jessie if you are interested in chairing or volunteering.

Treasurer: Teachers need to spend their APEX money for their classrooms.

Dads Club Social: Most successful yet in 3 years. $9,400 before fees/costs.

Fundraising Committees: No updates so far. Sarah Fluke asked about teacher feedback on Apex. Jenny said there were a few complaints about classroom interuptions.

Community Programs: Ap 27: TGIF Friday park playdate at Granada Park 3-5pm

Casual Cereal Drive Ap 30-May 4: Large container boxes for cereal boxes at Heights, MTA and Simis. Fire Department will drive down to the Madison Pantry.

Dads Club: Looking for new dads for the new year to join. Meeting will be in a couple weeks.

Atkinson spoke on Walk Out possibilities…From the teacher association, they’d go into the sub system as a way to show there will be one in advance notice. If it were to come to that, there would be enough advance notice. Molly Mayfield asked about notice, Dr Flowers said robo calls will go out.

Please check out the Madison AEU page on FB and Simis PATS FB page.



Oct 2017

Oct 18, 2017

PATS General Meeting

President, Nicole Ramirez call to order at 6:34pm

Approve minutes: Jessie and Amy.

Guest Speaker discussed Transgender 101 and inclusivity. Friendship and being kind.

President Report: Shared that we approved to purchase 3 carts/Chromebooks

Principal Report – Shared info on our lockdown/lockout program at our school.

Treasurer Report:

Fall Fundraiser Report: We raised over $50,000. Thank you!

New Simis Spirit Wear to be sold soon (shirts, hats, bottles)

Dine Out Night – Central Kitchen – Oct 25 MUST BRING FLYER.

Fair Report – Basket assignments are with your HRT.

Community Report: Trunk or Treat at Simis on Oct 27.

Beckett’s Table Social Night Nov 8 6-8pm

Communications Report

Website update

Social Media

Teacher Report – none

Dad’s Club: Movie Night, Simis Hats/Shirts sales online, Meeting Time TBD

Committee Report: BoxTop Report, Turkey Trot Report, Green Team has been resurrected.

Motion to Ajorn: Jessie, Zenia

Sept 2017

PATS General Meeting

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 6:30 p.m.


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:33pm by Nicole Ramirez.


  1. Special Guest Speaker- “IB 101” Melissa Powers


  1. President Report
  • Upcoming Events Shared
    • Simis Social Hour- Southern Rail 9/25
    • 4th Grade Teacher Appreciation Breakfast- 9/29
    • Vision & Hearing 10/16-17


  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Dr Flowers Report
  3. Teacher Report- Rita Atkinson
  4. Fall Fundraiser Update- Jessie Spalding We’ve raised more than $___.
  5. Community Committee Update- Jessie Spalding.

Trunk or Treat Oct 27

Park Play Date Socializing


  1. Fundraising Committee Update- Jenny Goldman & Aaron Latham

T-shirt and other items for sale soon.

Central Kitchen next Dine Out on October 25.


  1. Dads Club Update- Game Night fundraiser about $800. New shirts/hats to be made. Plans for what they’ll fundraise for. Next meeting is Tues Oct 3: 7156 N 3rd Ave 7pm.

Movie night Oct 20. Will be selling ads for screen at Movie Night $250


  1. Budget amendment – Ashleigh motioned to approve the amendment on the budget.

Seconded by Angel.  Vote Approved.

Meeting ended at 7:25pm.







Aug 2017

PATS General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Co-President, Rebecca at 6:33pm.

  1. Special Guest Speaker- Dr. Flowers.
  • Enrollment 967
  • Solar Eclipse concerns
  • Parking procedures
  • Science Kits


  1. 2017-2018 PATS Operating Budget- Review & Vote

**Tabled DIGGS line item for next executive board meeting.


  • MOTION to amend to approved the budget to approve expenses and income is in a transparent way for the Dad’s Club. (Tonia)

SECOND (Molly)

QUORUM (Yes – 61 Opposed – 11)


  • MOTION to approve the budget with amendments previously approved (Molly)

SECOND (LeiLani)

MAJORITY-Motion passes.


  1. President Report
  • Introduce Committee Chairs
  • Volunteer Search- Green Team, Vision & Hearing, Fall Fundraiser, Spring Fair
  • Website and Facebook info shared.
  • Teacher Allotment & Grant Request Report.
  • Directory report.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Dine Out- Flower Child 8/21
    • Simis Social Hour- Pomelo 8/23
    • Directory Drive Ends 9/1
    • “Coffee on Campus” 9/1
    • Fall Fundraiser Kickoff 9/5
    • September PATS Meeting 9/20 Guest Speaker Melissa Powers-“What is IB and how it affects my child?”


  1. Teacher Report-
  • Rita Thanks for the gift of supply allotments.


  1. Directory Update
  • Sarah Looking for more sponsorships and sales of directory.


  1. Fall Fundraiser Update
  • Jessie gave some info on her Five-week fundraising plans.


  1. Community Committee Update
  • Jessie Spalding shared info on the social hour at Pomelo on 8/23.


  1. Fundraising Committee Update
  • Jenny & Aaron:

-Dine out fundraisers each month. First one is 8/21 at Flower Child. —Sponsorship packages for PATS either through the year or specific events.

-Spirit wear fundraiser.


  1. Dads Club Update
  • Introduction as president John Shaff
  • Game Night Sept 20th, Oct 20
  • Community Night
  • Spring Social April 14th.


  • Co-treasurer introduction
  • Cindy Fairbanks,


MOTION to close (Tonia)

SECOND (Molly)

Majority-Motion Passes.