September 2018 Meeting Minutes

9/9/18 – PATS General Meeting Minutes
Flip Dunk Sports

Charlotte Shaff called the meeting to order @ 15:17

President’s Report – Charlotte Shaff

      Introduction of board members

Yarden moved to approve last month’s meeting minutes.

Kaitlyn seconded.

All approved.

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers

  1. Mindfulness pilot is “working wonderfully,” “very helpful,” “amazing,” “love it.”
  2. August PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) data is the best it has ever been. (Is this related to #1, maybe?)
  3. Mr. McNulty underwent extensive surgery for removal of tumor and reconstruction of chin. He wants everyone to let the kids know that he will look different when he returns to school.

Teacher Rep – Katie Harkins stood in as teacher rep.
Mindfulness program is going great

Fall Fundraiser, Caring is Super! – Kaitlyn Brimhall
Theme: Caring is Super!
Cash Drive instead of kids selling junk no one wants, woo hoo!
100% volunteer based so 100% of proceeds stay with Simis
Easiest way to donate:
Can also take cash/check into the office. Please include student and teacher name on the check.
Please share the link with family and friends!
Goal, 45K, ~$50 per student. This is NOT the activity fee. This goes to PATS to pay for things the district does not cover.
Examples of where the money will go: DIGGS, Art Masterpiece, recess aides, family assistance, teacher conferences, community building events playground addition underway, etc.

If we reach our goal of 45k, we’ll have a bonus recess for all of the kids.
Top 3 classes: Party at Flip Dunk with pizza
Top 3 coin-collection classes: Ice Cream truck party
If we receive 1K caring cards, Dr. Flowers will dress up like a superhero.

Fun activities during the fundraiser:
This Friday, 9/14/18: Super Hero Dress UP Day!
Coin Collection
Photobooth week – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS (week of 9/17-9/21)
Caring bracelets (Orders due 9/17)
Caring cards

Kick off with coffee, TOMORROW, 9/10 to learn more! (In the entrance before school)

Community Programs – Yarden for Cindy

THANK YOU to Arts Masterpiece and DIGGS volunteers!

Book drive update – THANK YOU, Jessie!

Adult Night Out, Friday, 9/28 @ Madison Performing Arts Center:

Miscellaneous Fundraising – Charlotte for Susan

Next Dine Out – 10/2, 5-9pm @ Chipotle (Central & Camelback) 33% back to Simis

Box Tops, keep turning them in

Spirit Wear delivery ~9/20.

Treasurer’s Report – Dan Santibanez

PATS updated budget 2018-2019. Posted on the PATS webpage
The Fall Fundraiser goal is ½ of the total PATS budget.

Public Advocacy Committee – Jessie for Stephanie Hendricks

Upcoming event: Cocktails & Candidates, 9/13 6-8pm

Dads Club – Charlotte for John Shaff (2 min)

Game Night coming up 9/15, get tickets through simispats website in store.

Simis Spring Fair – Angel Conway

Fair is March 30th. We’re looking for some BIG sponsors right now to cover the cost of games in order to lower the cost for everyone to attend.

Instead of a silent auction, it is going to be raffle only.

Email Angel Conway for further information:

Teacher Appreciation – Tracy Bremmer
Breakfast 2 weeks ago went well; teachers loved it.
Next breakfast will be a potluck asking parents to bring in items. Items can be dropped off to Tracy or Erin the night before.
Sign Up Genius will go live tomorrow, 9/10/18

DIGGS – Leilani
Saturday, 9/29 8:00am garden work day working on sorting seeds.
We need volunteers from parents and kids. This could be great hours for community service hours for older kids.
We have over 10k seeds donated from Lowes
We are sharing seeds with other schools as well to help grow our neighbor’s gardens.

Contact Leilani for more information: 

Art Masterpiece – Megan Tracy
Just had the 100th volunteer sign up. September rotation schedule is coming out soon.

Next PATS Meeting October 15th @ 6:30 at the home of a board member, details to follow via Website and FB page.

Charlotte adjourned the meeting @ 15:56
Angel seconded

August 2018 PATS Meeting Minutes

PATS General Meeting
8/13/18, Simis Library

Dee Valadez spoke for a moment before the meeting to discuss a contest her son Seth is a part of in order to win a 10K donation to his charity of choice: Phoenix Theater.
For more information:

Charlotte called the meeting to order at 18:34
Introduction of board members

Meetings will be at different locations and different times to help reach as many families as possible.

Facebook has the most up to date PATS information

Dr. Flowers reviewed back to school night information.
Expectations (Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe) and Reinforcement Methods (Loops, Super Cyclone, Redirection, Reteaching, MIR etc.).
There are expectations for both children and adults on campus. All are available in the handbook.

Sunny, founder of Mindfulness First explained the program. It is a local nonprofit in its 5th year.
Will be at Simis for 16 weeks doing a pilot program teaching the children and teachers how to be more mindful.
12 classes are a part of the pilot program, minimum of one per grade level.
If your child’s class is a part of it, it would have been discussed during Open House.
There may be more classes participating in the future. The hope is to have 12 additional classes participating next year and the remaining 10 classes during the third year. Teachers elect to do this; it is not required.

The program teaches “Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning,” Teaching tools to manage stress and navigates life’s challenges.
Mindfulness First will have a team of three will be on our campus: Megan, Cheryl, and Jyoti

They have been working with Crockett Elementary for the past four years and have had amazing results.
For more information,


Ms. Harding filling in for Ms. Powers.
Changes coming this year: Redesigned Unit Planner.
We just found out a Simis Student is the PYP student of the year!
Mellissa Powers will be speaking at one of our future PATS meeting to give more information about IB and how it works at Simis.

Any questions, email Melissa Powers:


Ms. Harding
“Great start to the school year.”
She took a moment to thanks PATS for help in starting the year.
In particular, snacks and drinks for teachers, gift card for teacher supplies, balls for the playground.


Cindy Wagner
PATS is collecting gently used books to stock teacher classrooms.
Jessie, who is not only co-president but also a librarian, will categorize the books and distribute appropriately.
Please drop new or gently used books to collection area in the office.

PATS Sponsored Parents Night Out planned for September 28th. Will be held at the new Madison performance arts building on 16th Street and Missouri.
Parent’s only event. Free. Meet families. Have fun.

Kaitlin Brimhall
Fall Fundraiser is one of the two main fundraisers at Simis.
Taking place 9/10-9/28
Primarily a cash donation drive.
9/10 – Kick off with coffee
Will have a number of components:
Coin Drive – Homeroom parents will make a coin bank for each class
Bracelets, ordering 9/17
Caring Cards
9/17-9/21: Photo Booth
9/14: Super Hero Dress-up
9/28: Spirit Day


Susan Healey
8/22 – Shake Shack Dine out, all day event. Tell them you’re with Simis. 20% of proceeds go back to Simis!!
Spirit wear online orders through 9/28. We will send home orders with the kids.

Box Tops: Watch for product list coming home in your child’s backpack.


Angel Conaway
Fair date is March 30th.
There are a few changes this year:
All baskets are raffled (instead of silent auction)
More games and interactive fun stuff for kids


John and Chris
4th year of Dad’s Club at Simis
Goal is to get dads involved on campus.
Movie Night 10/19/18
Spring Social (Adults Only) 4/13/19
Raise money to provide extra things at Simis (ice machine, shade structures, working on playground structure)
First Meeting: August 21st,
Thereafter, Meetings are the 2nd Wednesdays of every month

For more information, email:

Amy Hsiung– Family Assistance
Erin Riley – Teacher Appreciation

Stephanie Hendricks – Advocacy Committee helping us get more involved with local government needs 9/13 – Meet the Candidate Night. More information to follow.

Leilani Ward-Smith– DIGS
Zenia Hickson – Box Tops
Sarah Santibanez – Green Team Recycling
Sage Ashley – Yearbook
Liz – Art Masterpiece
Sarah Ria- Copy Cats
Sarah Vrska – Homeroom parent coordinator
Michelle Beckett – Meet and Greet Committee
Lilly Randall – Turkey Trot to get more information on committees and committee chair contact information.

Dan Santibanez

Most fundraising comes from Fall Fundraiser and Fun Run
There are other passive fundraising methods throughout the year such as Dine Outs and Spirit Wear, but the bulk of fundraising is from Fall Fundraiser and Fun Run.

New this year: PATS funded a part time reading interventionalist thanks to the money from the Fun Run last year. Per Dr. Flowers, we got a great teacher.
This year’s goals: Purchasing an additional playground.

Jon Shaff moved to approve the budget as submitted
Amy Hsuing seconds
All I’s.

Budget will be posted on the website.


Jenny Goldman

Fun Run will take place 1/29/19 – 2/8/19
Changes to the Fun Run this year:
New company: Boosterthon (who has been working with MTA, who are very happy with them).

Fewer interruptions to the class. No people coming into the classroom. Instead, there will be a video every day for the teacher to play at her/his convenience.
There will be prizes for the kids as they raise money, but again, the teachers will pass these out at their discretion.
We will get a much bigger cut of the earnings, and will therefore need far more parent participation.
Anyone interested in helping morning activities (passing out prizes), participating in the assembly, etc., please contact Jenny Goldman.

NEXT MEETING DATE/TIME is Sunday, August 9 at 3pm Flip Dunk.


Charlotte Shaff moves to adjourn
Jessie Spalding seconds
All I’s

April 2018


APRIL 18, 2018

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Madison Performing Arts Center update/info. She showed a rendering of the auditorium. Impressive building with seating for 900 and plenty of parking.

Teachers Report: All good. And Ms Powers said she has enough mentors for 4th graders.

Surveys went out to 2nd/3rd grade parents Student Led Conferences and Digital Portfolios. Please answer to share your thoughts.

Dr Flowers and Ms Harding will be attending an event this summer to share feedback on your feedback.

Slate was voted on and approved for Executive PATS Board for 2018/2019.

President: Charlotte Shaff

President-Elect: Jessie Spaulding

Secretary: Yarden Tahan

Treasurer: Dan Santibanez

Treasurer-Elect: Brian Foltyn

VP – Fall Fundraiser: Kaitlynn Brimhall

VP – MidYear: Jenny Goldman

VP – Miscellaneous Fundraising: Susan Healy

VP Spring Fair – Angel Conaway

Community Programs: Cindy Wagner

Teacher Rep: Jocelyn Harding

Numerous committee Chairs positions open for new school year.

Please contact Charlotte and Jessie if you are interested in chairing or volunteering.

Treasurer: Teachers need to spend their APEX money for their classrooms.

Dads Club Social: Most successful yet in 3 years. $9,400 before fees/costs.

Fundraising Committees: No updates so far. Sarah Fluke asked about teacher feedback on Apex. Jenny said there were a few complaints about classroom interuptions.

Community Programs: Ap 27: TGIF Friday park playdate at Granada Park 3-5pm

Casual Cereal Drive Ap 30-May 4: Large container boxes for cereal boxes at Heights, MTA and Simis. Fire Department will drive down to the Madison Pantry.

Dads Club: Looking for new dads for the new year to join. Meeting will be in a couple weeks.

Atkinson spoke on Walk Out possibilities…From the teacher association, they’d go into the sub system as a way to show there will be one in advance notice. If it were to come to that, there would be enough advance notice. Molly Mayfield asked about notice, Dr Flowers said robo calls will go out.

Please check out the Madison AEU page on FB and Simis PATS FB page.



Oct 2017

Oct 18, 2017

PATS General Meeting

President, Nicole Ramirez call to order at 6:34pm

Approve minutes: Jessie and Amy.

Guest Speaker discussed Transgender 101 and inclusivity. Friendship and being kind.

President Report: Shared that we approved to purchase 3 carts/Chromebooks

Principal Report – Shared info on our lockdown/lockout program at our school.

Treasurer Report:

Fall Fundraiser Report: We raised over $50,000. Thank you!

New Simis Spirit Wear to be sold soon (shirts, hats, bottles)

Dine Out Night – Central Kitchen – Oct 25 MUST BRING FLYER.

Fair Report – Basket assignments are with your HRT.

Community Report: Trunk or Treat at Simis on Oct 27.

Beckett’s Table Social Night Nov 8 6-8pm

Communications Report

Website update

Social Media

Teacher Report – none

Dad’s Club: Movie Night, Simis Hats/Shirts sales online, Meeting Time TBD

Committee Report: BoxTop Report, Turkey Trot Report, Green Team has been resurrected.

Motion to Ajorn: Jessie, Zenia

Sept 2017

PATS General Meeting

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 6:30 p.m.


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:33pm by Nicole Ramirez.


  1. Special Guest Speaker- “IB 101” Melissa Powers


  1. President Report
  • Upcoming Events Shared
    • Simis Social Hour- Southern Rail 9/25
    • 4th Grade Teacher Appreciation Breakfast- 9/29
    • Vision & Hearing 10/16-17


  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Dr Flowers Report
  3. Teacher Report- Rita Atkinson
  4. Fall Fundraiser Update- Jessie Spalding We’ve raised more than $___.
  5. Community Committee Update- Jessie Spalding.

Trunk or Treat Oct 27

Park Play Date Socializing


  1. Fundraising Committee Update- Jenny Goldman & Aaron Latham

T-shirt and other items for sale soon.

Central Kitchen next Dine Out on October 25.


  1. Dads Club Update- Game Night fundraiser about $800. New shirts/hats to be made. Plans for what they’ll fundraise for. Next meeting is Tues Oct 3: 7156 N 3rd Ave 7pm.

Movie night Oct 20. Will be selling ads for screen at Movie Night $250


  1. Budget amendment – Ashleigh motioned to approve the amendment on the budget.

Seconded by Angel.  Vote Approved.

Meeting ended at 7:25pm.







Aug 2017

PATS General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Co-President, Rebecca at 6:33pm.

  1. Special Guest Speaker- Dr. Flowers.
  • Enrollment 967
  • Solar Eclipse concerns
  • Parking procedures
  • Science Kits


  1. 2017-2018 PATS Operating Budget- Review & Vote

**Tabled DIGGS line item for next executive board meeting.


  • MOTION to amend to approved the budget to approve expenses and income is in a transparent way for the Dad’s Club. (Tonia)

SECOND (Molly)

QUORUM (Yes – 61 Opposed – 11)


  • MOTION to approve the budget with amendments previously approved (Molly)

SECOND (LeiLani)

MAJORITY-Motion passes.


  1. President Report
  • Introduce Committee Chairs
  • Volunteer Search- Green Team, Vision & Hearing, Fall Fundraiser, Spring Fair
  • Website and Facebook info shared.
  • Teacher Allotment & Grant Request Report.
  • Directory report.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Dine Out- Flower Child 8/21
    • Simis Social Hour- Pomelo 8/23
    • Directory Drive Ends 9/1
    • “Coffee on Campus” 9/1
    • Fall Fundraiser Kickoff 9/5
    • September PATS Meeting 9/20 Guest Speaker Melissa Powers-“What is IB and how it affects my child?”


  1. Teacher Report-
  • Rita Thanks for the gift of supply allotments.


  1. Directory Update
  • Sarah Looking for more sponsorships and sales of directory.


  1. Fall Fundraiser Update
  • Jessie gave some info on her Five-week fundraising plans.


  1. Community Committee Update
  • Jessie Spalding shared info on the social hour at Pomelo on 8/23.


  1. Fundraising Committee Update
  • Jenny & Aaron:

-Dine out fundraisers each month. First one is 8/21 at Flower Child. —Sponsorship packages for PATS either through the year or specific events.

-Spirit wear fundraiser.


  1. Dads Club Update
  • Introduction as president John Shaff
  • Game Night Sept 20th, Oct 20
  • Community Night
  • Spring Social April 14th.


  • Co-treasurer introduction
  • Cindy Fairbanks,


MOTION to close (Tonia)

SECOND (Molly)

Majority-Motion Passes.