September 2018 Meeting Minutes

9/9/18 – PATS General Meeting Minutes
Flip Dunk Sports

Charlotte Shaff called the meeting to order @ 15:17

President’s Report – Charlotte Shaff

      Introduction of board members

Yarden moved to approve last month’s meeting minutes.

Kaitlyn seconded.

All approved.

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers

  1. Mindfulness pilot is “working wonderfully,” “very helpful,” “amazing,” “love it.”
  2. August PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) data is the best it has ever been. (Is this related to #1, maybe?)
  3. Mr. McNulty underwent extensive surgery for removal of tumor and reconstruction of chin. He wants everyone to let the kids know that he will look different when he returns to school.

Teacher Rep – Katie Harkins stood in as teacher rep.
Mindfulness program is going great

Fall Fundraiser, Caring is Super! – Kaitlyn Brimhall
Theme: Caring is Super!
Cash Drive instead of kids selling junk no one wants, woo hoo!
100% volunteer based so 100% of proceeds stay with Simis
Easiest way to donate:
Can also take cash/check into the office. Please include student and teacher name on the check.
Please share the link with family and friends!
Goal, 45K, ~$50 per student. This is NOT the activity fee. This goes to PATS to pay for things the district does not cover.
Examples of where the money will go: DIGGS, Art Masterpiece, recess aides, family assistance, teacher conferences, community building events playground addition underway, etc.

If we reach our goal of 45k, we’ll have a bonus recess for all of the kids.
Top 3 classes: Party at Flip Dunk with pizza
Top 3 coin-collection classes: Ice Cream truck party
If we receive 1K caring cards, Dr. Flowers will dress up like a superhero.

Fun activities during the fundraiser:
This Friday, 9/14/18: Super Hero Dress UP Day!
Coin Collection
Photobooth week – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS (week of 9/17-9/21)
Caring bracelets (Orders due 9/17)
Caring cards

Kick off with coffee, TOMORROW, 9/10 to learn more! (In the entrance before school)

Community Programs – Yarden for Cindy

THANK YOU to Arts Masterpiece and DIGGS volunteers!

Book drive update – THANK YOU, Jessie!

Adult Night Out, Friday, 9/28 @ Madison Performing Arts Center:

Miscellaneous Fundraising – Charlotte for Susan

Next Dine Out – 10/2, 5-9pm @ Chipotle (Central & Camelback) 33% back to Simis

Box Tops, keep turning them in

Spirit Wear delivery ~9/20.

Treasurer’s Report – Dan Santibanez

PATS updated budget 2018-2019. Posted on the PATS webpage
The Fall Fundraiser goal is ½ of the total PATS budget.

Public Advocacy Committee – Jessie for Stephanie Hendricks

Upcoming event: Cocktails & Candidates, 9/13 6-8pm

Dads Club – Charlotte for John Shaff (2 min)

Game Night coming up 9/15, get tickets through simispats website in store.

Simis Spring Fair – Angel Conway

Fair is March 30th. We’re looking for some BIG sponsors right now to cover the cost of games in order to lower the cost for everyone to attend.

Instead of a silent auction, it is going to be raffle only.

Email Angel Conway for further information:

Teacher Appreciation – Tracy Bremmer
Breakfast 2 weeks ago went well; teachers loved it.
Next breakfast will be a potluck asking parents to bring in items. Items can be dropped off to Tracy or Erin the night before.
Sign Up Genius will go live tomorrow, 9/10/18

DIGGS – Leilani
Saturday, 9/29 8:00am garden work day working on sorting seeds.
We need volunteers from parents and kids. This could be great hours for community service hours for older kids.
We have over 10k seeds donated from Lowes
We are sharing seeds with other schools as well to help grow our neighbor’s gardens.

Contact Leilani for more information: 

Art Masterpiece – Megan Tracy
Just had the 100th volunteer sign up. September rotation schedule is coming out soon.

Next PATS Meeting October 15th @ 6:30 at the home of a board member, details to follow via Website and FB page.

Charlotte adjourned the meeting @ 15:56
Angel seconded