October 2018 Meeting Minutes

10/15/18 – PATS General Meeting
Shaff Home – Thank you for hosting!

  • Call meeting to order – Charlotte Shaff, 18:40.
  • President’s Report – Charlotte Shaff

o   Approval of last month’s meeting minutes (which are posted online)

  • Yarden moves to improve. Megan approves. All approve.

We are asking for parent volunteers to hang out on the playground to watch the kids while parents go to their conferences. There is a Sign Up Genius, please watch for this on the PATS blast or through your homeroom parent emails.

  • Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers
    Jessie Spalding is the new librarian. She has made the library very welcoming and has a lot of great ideas for more improvements.

We need help in the parking lot.

We need adult volunteers (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon) to help patrol the parking lot before and after school next week (the week of 10/22).
Another thought is to repaint the parking lot with more directionals. Dad’s Club has volunteered to do this.
Another thought is paying off-duty police officers to manage the lot.

Another idea is to provide a week of warning initially and then following up with citations, stickers, etc.

Dr. Flowers is investigating cost to employee officers for this matter.

The school would like everyone to know there are times when there is not a sub available and, instead, a class must be split among the other teachers of that grade level, usually 4 additional students per class.

Subs make $100/day, interested parents can sign up for a sub certificate through the State of Arizona ($60) and then apply through the district to have a background check, fingerprint clearance, and basic training.

  • Madison Advocates – Mitra Khazai

If your ballot got wet, you can ask for a new ballot. You can go to the Madison Advocate webpage or the Maricopa Country Recorder website to get directions on how to request a new ballot.

Prop 126 – A yes vote would Prohibits any political subdivision (state, county, etc.) to propose increased tax on services.
Backed by AZ association of Realtors & National backers.
Services are becoming a greater portion of our economy.
The concern with this proposition is it is an amendment to our constitution. This makes it very inflexible.
Already in AZ, 2/3 of the legislatures have to approve to pass any tax increase. So, it is already difficult to increase taxes on services.
Madison Advocates is asking for a No vote to preserve the current state and local authority to impose a tax on services if necessary.

Prop 127 – A yes vote would require utilities regulated by corporation commission (not SRP) get 50% of power from renewable resources (solar & wind) & 10% from distributed renewable resources.
A No vote will preserve the existing rules.

Madison Advocates has no stance on the issue.

Prop 305 –

A yes vote diverts money away from public education and instead gives it for vouchers.

Madison Advocates is asking for a No vote on this.

Prop 306 – A yes vote would water down our clean elections process.

It weakens the authority of the Clean Elections Program.

Public education is best served when all people have an opportunity to run for election.

Madison Advocates is recommending a No Vote on this.

Regarding justices: recommending against Clint Bolick for retainment.

  • Teacher Rep – Ms. Harding

Fall Fundraiser was a great success. From a teacher’s perspective, it was very smooth

and enjoyable event (Awesome job Kaitlyn!!!)

Teacher’s just finalized grades and are getting ready for fall conferences.
Teachers are encouraging everyone to use SeeSaw to see your student’s digital portfolio. Kids really like seeing parent comments or “hearts” on their work.

  • Fall Fundraiser, Caring is Super! – Kaitlyn Brimhall

o   We exceeded our goal and are waiting on final numbers but are already above 45K.

  • Community Programs – Cindy Fairbanks

o   Trunk or Treat, 10/26 4-6pm
Please email Cindy @ Simiscommunity@gmail.com if you can bring your car and participate.

  • Miscellaneous Fundraising –

o   Next Dine Out: November 7th @ Blaze. (12/4: Miracle Mile Deli)

o   Box Tops – There is a rotating trophy for the class who has the most Box Tops.
You can download the Box Tops Ap: https://www.boxtops4education.com/-/media/BTFE/CommunicationMaterials/Assets/Flyers/2017-BTFE_mobile_app_flyer.pdf?la=en
Second grade is winning right now.

  • Dads Club – John Shaff
    Movie Night is THIS FRIDAY, Hotel Transylvania
    Food Trucks are coming and plan to give 15% back. We will have numerous food trucks as well as Kona Ice, a popcorn vendor, and smoothie-making blender bikes.
    Next meeting is November 13th.
    In December 11th, there is a joint Meadows/Simis Dad’s club meeting.
    January 5th is the Christmas Tree Drive.
  • Next Meeting: Monday, Friday, November 16 @ 7:50 am
  • Charlotte adjourned the meeting @ 19:31.