November Meeting Minutes 2018

PATS General Meeting

Friday, November 16, 2018

Executive board members present:

Charlotte Shaff

Jessie Spalding

Kaitlynn Brimhall

Jenny Goldman
Jocelyn Harding

Cindy Wagner
Joyce Flowers


Parent introductions.

There will be no December PATS general meeting.


Last months meeting minutes:

Jessie Spalding approves.

Amy Hsiung seconds.


Dr. Kenneth Baca:

  • Importance of social-emotional needs of studentsSafe school and community first, academics will come. We want to keep that “A” rating but not at the expense of the safety of our students.Plan for initiatives such as trainings, community forums. Grant needed to fund this. We need smaller class sizes for social-emotional needs. Challenge is: how many to decrease by? 1 wouldn’t make a difference. What’s the magic number? Say 6, where would those students go? There is a teacher shortage. Reducing open enrollments?-We are funded by amount of students, $5700-5800 per student. We have 34 and a half classes. Dr. Baca is committed to exploring options to reduce class sizes. Budget advisory committee is in place to look at all possibilities.

  • Retirement of Dr. Flowers. 13 years in Simis community. Moving to Kansas to be with grandchildren. Community forum will be held before applications accepted. What qualities are desired? Interview forum will include parents. Will have a lot of parent input..

  • Open to questions:

    • Mindfulness still occurring? Yes, through mid-Jan. For 30 min weekly, someone comes into class to model this for teachers and students in pilot classes. How the superintendent looks at this- Mindfulness falls into the PBIS curriculum. Approaching discipline: not jumping to suspension, less adult intervention, letting students solve conflict on their own. Open to it. Seeing which schools are open to this.

    • District should get recommendations from legislature hopefully by April, maybe May. Already committed to 5% raise to teacher.

  • Thank you for being involved. Representing parents who can’t be here. Keep district accountable.


Principal’s Report:

  • Social emotional. In January all classrooms will be utilizing “5 radical minutes”- daily 5 min script for teachers to utilize with students. Multiple components. Long term plan was to continue with 12 classrooms each year. If you want this to continue, use your voice.

  • Dr. Flowers is full on approachable, listening right up to last day June 30th. Dr. Baca will be available throughout process. Madison is well known, even with teacher shortage-our positions get filled with great teachers.


Fun Run- Jenny:

  • Jan 29-Feb 8: fun run. Booster-a-thon instead of APEX. Booster is 80/20 split, meaning they get 20% of funds raised. APEX was 60/40.  Requires more work on PATS part but a lot of support is still provided by company. We won’t have the APEX people on campus- however this did cause interruption. One parent per grade volunteer to get helpers to pass out prizes, a repofrt will be printed off daily, prizes handed to teachers to pass out at their leisure. Still will have character theme. STEAM based- “Mindspark Mystery”. New student star video that can be personalized with your child’s photo to send to families.

  • Sponsors needed for students to each get a t-shirt. Hopefully by end of December we will have sponsors. Blue orthodontics so far- $500. We need $4000 total.

  • Discussion re: something other than shirts, such as a bag or cape. Main purpose of shirt it to mark how many laps are run and show unity. If we can’t get donors for shirts there are stickers that can be used instead.

  • Reason for fundraiser: running for reading. Pays for our reading aides and interventionist.

Box tops-Zenia:

  • $900 so far for this collection.

  • Atkinson’s Class brought in most so will receive rotating trophy.

  • Pushing for use of App that you use to scan receipts.

  • Dime drive.


Advocacy chair-Stephanie:

  • Elected house representatives will be invited to forum to talk about priorities. Will occur in January after governor’s state address.

  • Training will be provided re: Request to Speak System in January.


Melissa Powers- IB coordinator

  • Seesaw. Portfolios to document IB. Parents should keep going on to comment on student’s work. Just getting started, so much potential. Brand new this year. Students can even take video. Comments will encourage students.

  • Mindfulness goes along well with IB.

  • PYP enhancements-exciting changes coming.

  • Culture day: Senor M and Ms. Powers team up for this. Team of teacher that meet: how to make it deeper and make it connect more academically, bring it in deeper. Less running around collecting things and more connecting internationally.


VP Community Programs Report-Cindy:

  • Turkey trot. Gates at 1pm. Races at 2pm. Bring canned, or boxed foods. Not the worse canned food item in your pantry.

  • Holiday helping starting soon. Expanding to Camelview to help families there.

    • Dee V. – has volunteered a lot in pantry, turkey trot, helping hands. Please don’t donate things you wouldn’t give your kids, for example, expired food.

    • Amy H.-big boxes of food will be donated by Lincoln center and given out to families on holiday helping list, for those families to make a holiday meal.

    • Holiday helping snowmen can be exchanged or an extra snowman can be picked up in the front office if you have more to give this year.

    • If you donate a gift card for helping hand, please write the amount.



  • Senor M: started radiation. Hoping to return in January.

  • Holiday party. Meadows hosting this year. Friday, Dec. 7. 3:30-8pm.


Meeting adjourned by: Jenny at 8:50 am.

Seconded by: Amy H..