March 2020 Minutes

March 8, 2020 – PATS General Board Meeting
Location:  Flip Dunk at 5 pm

Call Meeting to Order:  Jessie Spalding

Principal’s Report – Laura Webb

A lot of traffic concerns. Ms. Murray and Ms. Webb have been outside working with traffic, which has helped.

The neighborhood has been very vocal with their concerns.

Please encourage your fellow Simis Families to follow the parking lot rules.

Sloth costume for reaching our Fun Run goal was a huge hit.

Academically, we are working on getting ready for AZ Merit (3rd and 4th grades). The practice run went great. Teachers gleaned a lot of good information from this. No issues with technology.

We are planning for a three-day test window for the actual test. We should have results at the beginning of the summer for 3rd grade and will be available when for the kids at the beginning of 4th grade. For current fourth grades, results will be available in the middle of the summer for the school and results will go to Meadows and will be available at registration for the students. Let Ms. Webb know if your 4th grader is going to a different school.

We will not have class lists anymore. You will get class assignment at registration. July 28th and July 29th. If not in town, let office know and they will set up another time to meet with you.

As always, we want to make sure to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Remind your kids to wash their hands, cough in their sleeves, basic hygiene. Sick kids lead to sick teachers and it is difficult to get classes covered if we have a number of teachers out.

Ms. Webb is always available by phone or email if you need anything.

Teacher Report – Jocelyn Harding

A huge THANK YOU to Simis/PATS for funding all of the teacher enrichment grants to help support our teachers and students.

Thank you to the Amazon gift cards for the classroom thanks to Boosterthon funds.

Teachers really appreciate the support and know this is something that is special to Simis.

Fundraising update – Tara Allen

As of right now, we brought in $144,103.00 from Boosterthon.

Suggestions from the group – Different types of laps – Skips, walk, run, dance during the event.

Outdoor classroom, funded by PATS, will be completed over the summer.

Tuesday, March 24th – Dine Out on Lou Malnati’s

Thursday, April 2nd – Skate Night @ Great Skate

Thursday, March 26th – Wednesday, April 1st – Book Fair @ Simis

Treasurer’s Report

It has been a successful year in fundraising. We exceeded our budget goal.

President’s Report – Jessie Spalding & Yarden Tahan

  • Intro of Slate and Committee Chairs
  • Vote on Harkins request

–       Approved

Pres – Yarden Tahan

Pres Elect – Tara Allen

Secretary – Blaire Griffin

Treasurer – Brian Foltyn

Treasurer Elect – Steve Czablewski

Fall Fair: Meredith Francis and Jessie Spalding

Fundraising: Jennifer Williams and Kathleen Lewis

Community Events: Biby Pulido


President Elect:

Copy Cats – Sara Laird

Vision & Hearing – Angel Jimenez

Dad’s Club: ?


Communications – Charlotte Shaff

Homeroom Parent Coordinator – Sarah Vrska

Teacher Closet – Carle Sargent


Directory – Brian Foltyn

Box Tops – Melissa Wells

School Supplies – Ashley Vaccaro

Yearbook – Melissa Wells & Stephanie Wolfe

Picture Day – Leanne Thomas & Julie Mininberg

Book Fair – Kaitlyn Brimhall

Community Events:

DIGGS – Stephanie Hendricks & Amy Hsuing

Teacher Appreciation – Rachel Salkin

Meet & Greet – Rachel Salkin & Morgann Mahoney

Turkey Trot – Lily Randall

Family Assistance – Cindy Wagner

Green Team: Rachel Cabrera Deatherage & Melisa Camp

Art Masterpiece – Katie Hoyle-Avilla


Dad’s Club made 2,500-3,000 from Movie Night. It was not meant to be a fundraiser, it is a community event, but Dad’s Club got sponsors to cover it and then some.

How do you feel about the 2 x/month emails from HRP? Group approves of this and thinks we cannot have fewer and prefer not to have more.

How do you feel about the one fundraising per year? – People are happy there was one fundraiser. Better to not be constantly asked.

Parenting workshop went well, “Being an Askable Parent” and “The ABCs of Sexuality”. Those in the room say it was very useful and a great meeting.

It was about filling in your child’s knowledge gaps with your own values to make sure you are your child’s first resource.
Parent feedback: “I learned it is not the talk, but it is something that should be part of an ongoing conversation.”
“It was a great meeting.”

There is a lot of discussion regarding a need for more guidance/events/community outreach early on in the year. Parents felt they didn’t know what to expect and how to access resources at school. Multiple kindergarten parents present who felt lost at the beginning of the year. Also parents who started for their first year at Simis with 2nd graders, etc. who felt like there was not a lot of community/welcoming to help them with the transition.

Do we need a how-to video for registration? How to for starting kindergarten?

Survey for needs for next year? – Needs for kindergarten – Need more information early on.

Ask the teachers if they are getting a lot of the same questions so we can preemptively answer those for the incoming parents.

Yarden moves to close.
Tara seconds

Meeting adjourned