March 2019 PATS Meeting Minutes

3/27/19 – PATS General Meeting
Madison Simis

Call meeting to order – Charlotte

Principal’s Report – Dr. Flowers
Laura Webb is our incoming principal. She is the assistant principal at Rose Lane. She is a mother and was a social worker in a past career.
She and Dr. Flowers meet every other week to aid in the transition.

Our new assistant principal is she is Lindsay Murray, currently working as a data analyst in the Madison School District. Ms. Murray has a strong understanding of our assessment tools, IB schools (as a former IB coordinator), and how to assist teachers.

Teacher Rep – Ms. Harding
One of the highlights this month has been the classroom money received as a result of the very successful Fun Run. Ms. Harding has a new globe that says Russia instead of USSR!!! Welcome to 1991!

President’s Report – Charlotte & Jessie

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes (which are posted online)
Jessie moved to approve.
Yarden seconds.

2019-2020 Slate
Pres: Jessie Spalding
Pres Elect: Yarden Tahan
Fundraising: Jenny Goldman
Fundraising Elect: Tara Allen
Spring Fair: Meredith Francis
Community: Biby Carbonneau
District Relations: Glen Sheriff
Treas: Dan Santibanez
Treasurer Elect: Brian Foltyn
Secretary: Blaire Griffin

If someone wants to run against someone on the slate for one of these positions, you can submit your name to Jessie Spalding before the next PATS general meeting.

We will vote in the slate at the next meeting. We need a quorum to vote (quorum is 10 so hopefully we’ll have A LOT more!).

Playground Update – Dan
We are working with the district on phase one of the playground (athletic court). It looks like it will be put in over the summer as we do not want to interfere with RAMS.

Phase two plan is to extend the current playground. We are currently deciding in which direction to extend the playground based on cost and position of underground utilities.

We are also hoping to revamp the kindergarten playground in the future pending more information from an upcoming bond meeting.

We have a survey going out to all kindergarteners, first, and second graders via the teachers to determine what equipment is most important to them for future playgrounds.

Book Fair – Cindy
Book fair is the week after the Spring Fair. We need a LOT of volunteers. The library will be open during Open House and it will be very busy. We need volunteers and, you get a voucher for money to spend at the fair!!!
The library gets money to buy new books based on book fair sales.
Simis leads the state in book fairs because of parents like YOU helping!

With that in mind, we need someone to take over the book fairs for next year. There are two fairs a year, a small one during Turkey Trot and a larger one during Open House.

Spring Fair Update – Angel
Spring Fair is THIS SATURDAY!!!
All games and rides are free – woo hoo!!!
We still need volunteers for the class game booths.

Basket items wrapped today.
We have tons of prizes for the raffle.

We also have big premier sponsors who will each have a free raffle at their respective booths (AZ Pet Vet, Dunn Orthodontics, etc.).



Dads Club
Parent Night Out Party – April 13th. Tickets are on sale currently on the PATS website.

Next Meeting: Sunday, April 14th, 4:45 pm @ Flip Dunk

Jessie moved to close meeting
Kaitlyn seconds.