January PATS General Meeting Minutes 2019

PATS General Meeting


Flip Dunk

Charlotte called the meeting to order @ 501


Approval of last meeting minutes that are posted on the PATS website

John Called to approve minutes
Cindy Seconds

All I’s



Principal’s Report – Ms. Atkinson on behalf of Dr. Flowers
In January, the teachers and admin finished “Data Chats”
If scoring on MAP testing does not meet the standards of a highly effective teacher, the teacher will comprise a three-point plan for improvement.


Dee asks if the scoring is made public. Ms. Atkinson states the scores are reported to the board and the cabinet but not to the public.


If you know anyone who would like to participate in Culture Day, please contact Melissa Powers.


Senor M will be back tomorrow.


Teacher’s Report – Ms. Atkinson on behalf of Ms. Harding

Thank you for the conference food.

Teachers are excited for the update to the Fun Run.

Teachers are very happy about the table under the staircase in the first-grade building.


President’s Report – Charlotte & Jessie

  • Playground update

1-2 playground will have a new basketball/athletic court.

There are hopes to expand the playground further with playground equipment in a second phase.


  • Madison Dash

Watch for information via email for this fun event.


  • Canned soup drive

We are collecting soup for St. Mary’s food bank. St. Mary’s specifically asked for cans of soup. There will be a box available in the front office to drop off your cans of soup. SPREAD THE WORD!


  • Teacher Grants
    Teachers can request grants for items they need for their classroom. PATS has money for teacher needs and we can all remind our teachers of this if they have a big want for the room.


  • Please check website for updated PATS calendar. www.simispats.com
    For school-wide information (like dates of TCT Wednesdays), check the district calendar.



VP Community Programs Report – Cindy

  • Family Assistance said there was an amazing response to holiday helping.

There were 29 families and everyone received an outfit and toy and some food was also distributed.


  • DIGS is starting this week.


  • Art Masterpiece is going strong


  • Planning for end-of-the-year adult  social/happy hour



Treasurer’s Report – Dan & Brian

Nothing to report.

If anyone needs a copy of the budget, reach out to Dan.


Fun Run – Jenny

Last year the Fun Run made a LOT of money, >100k.

The main complaint is that the company that helped with Fun Run took a good chunk of the money. Because of that, the main change this year is using Boosterthon instead, which takes a significantly smaller percentage of $. Because of this, they do not offer as much hands-on assistance so we need more volunteers (THIS IS YOU).


All of the pledging is done online: www.funrun.com.

Pep Rallys will be on Tuesday (1/29) at 8 and 9 am in the Cafeteria.

Kids will come home with a pledge book on Tuesday (1/29).
You will receive emails every night with different character-based themes.

The actual fun run is occurring on 2/8/19.

We will need volunteers (AGAIN, YOU) to help mark t-shirts during the run.


Jenny will send photos to Dee for the yearbook.


Spring Fair – Angel

We are looking for sponsors!
This is exclusive sponsorship (so one orthodontist, one gymnastics facility…). We have about 2K people attending, so this is a great audience for one’s business.


We are also looking for smaller donations

If you know anyone who is opening to sponsorship please contact Angel.

We are hoping to have the event free to enter with a few tickets provided and cost for more tickets. This is dependent on us having enough sponsors.

Food trucks are donating back 20%

There are a lot of fun, interactive events for the kids as well as rides.
Baskets are all going to be raffles instead of silent auction. Tickets will be $5.

We are still collecting stuffed animals and toys for game prizes.

Next fair meeting is 2/5/19 @ 9am at Simis or 7pm at Luci’s.


Library Help Schedule of classes – Yarden
Keep an eye out for a class schedule of when each teacher is in the library so you (YOU) can volunteer to help shelve books while your child’s class is in the library.

Dad’s Club

  • Parent social on 4/13.
  • Kinder Roundup on 2/5.
  • 1.5K from Christmas Tree pickup.
  • Next Dad’s Club meeting is 2/12
  • Parent Spring Social is 4/13 – Chris Lubac is hosting. There will be a DJ, food, silent auction, etc. More details to follow.
  • Dad’s Club will have dunk tank at the Spring Fair
  • John will research some district options to help cut cost when we show films.




Next meeting date/time/location: February 20th @ 630PM off campus, preferably at someone’s home. If you want to host, please reach out to Charlotte. That said, location TBD.

Jon motioned to adjourn.

Jenny seconds.

All I’s

Meeting adjourned @ 5:38