August PATS General Meeting Minutes 2019

PATS 2019-2020 General Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2019

Call meeting to order – Jessie Spalding

Introductions – Jessie Spalding

  • Board introduces all 2019-2020 members

Principal Report – Laura Webb

  • Started off year well
  • District strategic plan revised – strong emphasis on social/emotional growth and learning.  New Vision this year: Inspiring passion for learning and leading in an ever changing world.  Mission Statement: Foster success for all through dynamic, engaging, relevant learning experiences focusing on student academic, social and emotional growth.  Large push on district to push social/emotional learning. Started year with all employees having an all-district training on this topic. Very enlightening for all employees.  Making all kids feel safe and creating a positive learning environment.
  • Simis specific impact:  Continuing with mindfulness 12 original and 12 new teachers implementing training/teaching.  30 min lessons on self-awareness, calming, self-regulation techniques. Also working on 5 radical minutes, focusing on active listening skills.  Anxiety seems to be an issue for many kids and trying to incorporate ways for students to belong. Ask your kids about what they are learning in class relating to this – hopefully you’ll hear as parents learning.
  • First Parent University coming up – will be a total of 4.
    • 1st Parent University:  August 28th at 6:00 p.m. (Madison Center for the Arts)
    • “Growth Mindset:  Why Every Parent Needs One”
  • For example – MAP testing coming up.  Focusing on bookmark with a checklist for kids (ie. taking time, using scratch paper – different tools that can help with test taking/skill set.)
  • MAP testing was supposed to start this week, will be postponed for at least another week.  Other schools went first and had issues so our testing will delayed until issues can be fixed.
  • Safety committee will be started across district dealing with facilities, procedures, safety drills etc.  Parents are welcome to join and get involved. Contact Ms. Webb if interested.
  • Heat advisory:  District follows guidelines of Trust – group of schools that work together to advise all schools.  Usually with heat advisory, any temperature over 110 degrees, kids will be pulled in part of the day.  Too many health issues to let kids stay outside. Expect that for the following week as well.
  • Parking Lot:  Kindergarten parking lot is a new procedure (at MAC parking lot.)  That protocol is working well. Cars have been out of parking lot by 2:40 p.m.  Front parking lot, complaints of people cutting around, speeding through, arguments between adults and dangerous behavior.  Ms. Webb will focus on the front parking lot this week and observe driving behavior. Hoping to mitigate problems and see if any physical changes can be made to make is safer, which is the #1 goal.
  • Question regarding Active Shooter Training in letter from Dr. Baca:  There have been lock-down and lock out training. There are two different procedures.  District is still trying to work out how to explain to students. This is the purpose of the safety committee to work out the details.  Dr. Baca will inform parents before anything is explained to the kids. Main objective would be to make sure that kids are safe and in order to have a plan, have to practice.

Teacher Report – Jocelyn Harding

  • This was best back to school training and experience in her 17 years.
  • New administrators have been very supportive and has been helpful having a fresh set of eyes evaluating how to do things better.
  • Teachers were spoiled with breakfast from PATS and gift cards for the classroom.
  • Teachers are very thankful for all of PATS for their support

President Report – Jessie Spalding & Yarden Tahan

  • Future meeting dates:
    • General Meeting: 8/18, 10/2, 1/16, 3/8, 4/22
    • Trying to balance different times/schedules to accommodate different parents schedules.
  • Sign up for PATS Blast, PATS web page, PATS Instagram and FB pages for information
    • All calendar information is updated
  • Yearbook sales will all be in advance this year. We have some extras from last year if anyone wants, but we do not plan to have extras this year, so please pay in advance online.
    • In advance if someone can’t afford – Ashley (yearbook chair) said Dorian donates 10-15 extra yearbooks.  Any family in need can reach out to Wendy or nurse to set them up. It’s a confidential list. The office can distribute.  Helping families in need committee exists (on website) and any families in need can also reach out to the committee.
    • Can buy a yearbook last year in the library.
  • Will be speakers at future PATS meetings.  If anyone has any recommendations, PATS will welcome any suggestions.

Treasurer Report – Dan Santibanez

  • Vote on Budget – Zaina/Ashley (all aye, none approved). Budget has been approved.
  • One fundraiser this year – Fun Run
    • Targeting to bring in $115,000 this year
  • Budget looks similar to last year
    • $13,000 more than we’re bringing in because that’s because there is money in reserve

Fair Update – Meredith Francis

  • Continuing as last year, fair is no longer a fundraiser but a community event
  • 26th from 1pm-5pm (10 weeks away!)
  • First Volunteer meeting last week. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Meredith.
  • Free Admission this year
  • All games are free
  • Combining with Truck or Treat
    • Hard to get volunteers, easier to have in one night
    • Good focus on Fun Run for the Spring
    • Question about how parking/trunk or treat will work together.  Goosebumps (event planner) will have map ready by the next meeting. Cars will not be leaving (almost like a ride) for the whole fair.  Optional to participate. Trunk or Treat will be scheduled for the last 2 hours of the fair.
    • Next Fair general meeting will be posted on the PATS website
    • Meredith will put together a frequently asked questions.
  • Rides, food vendors and a raffle
  • No class baskets this year
  • Encouraging any and all volunteers


Community  Outreach – Biby Carbonneau

  • Flyer for Parents Night Out
    • 9/7/19 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    • Linger Longer Lounge 6522 N. 16th Street
    • Appetizers will be provided
    • Hoping to see new faces!
    • Preschool is invited and included


Committee Chair Positions Open –  Jessie

  • Some committee chairs looking to take over for next year because committee chairs will be moving onto Middle School next year but can train this year for next year.
    • Yearbook
    • Book Fair – co chair
    • Copy Cats
    • Back to School Packs
    • Picture Day


Diggs update –  Amy and Stephanie

  • Please volunteer!
  • Certain teachers need help: (pass onto homeroom parent committee)
    • Magnusson (uncertain)
    • Abel
    • Bilger
    • Lernor
    • Roussin
  • If anyone is open to helping a class, even if their child is not in the classroom, please let us know
  • Only 14 days, schedule can be flexible.  About an hour a week of time is needed.
  • Please spread the word.
  • It’s a very structured, easy to follow program (even for the non-gardener.)
  • Fun to get kids outside
  • For the Fall:
    • 3rd grade – salsa garden
    • 4th grade – 3 sisters garden


Fundraising Report – Tara Allen


  • Only ONE main fundraiser this year, Fun Run in the Spring
  • Using Boosterthon again as company so more money stays with Simis
  • Dine outs are a fun way for Simis families to get together and raise $ for Sister Schools. Next dine out is: Friday, August 30th at Great Skate, $7 to skate from 5:00 pm-7:30p.m.
    • All sales will go to Madison Sister Schools as distributed by PATS
  • Spirit wear shop is open, will close on: 8/24/19.

Dad’s Club – John Shaff


  • Focus this year: getting preschool and kindergarten Dads involved
  • First Event:  Game Night on 9/6/19 at 6:00 p.m. at the Healy House (address on flier/BLAST)
  • First Dads Club Meeting:  Tuesday, 8/20/19 at 7:00 p.m. At Shaff House (will rotate to different houses.)
  • Movie Night moved to February 28, 2020 at sunset (hoping for more volunteers!)
  • Christmas Tree Pick Up (first Saturday, Jan. 4th)
  • Meadows/Simis Dads Club Softball Game
  • Dad’s Club Adult Only Social – April 18, 2020


Green Team – Sarah Santibanez

  • Meeting Thursday Aug. 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Orchard
  • Want to get students more involved with education and recycling.  Looking to expand and do more activities for Earth Day.

Picture Day – Vongmaly

  • Needs volunteers
  • Sept. 17th is picture day.  Work 7:45 to lunchtime. Donuts provided.
  • Any block of time will be appreciated. Parent helps with the photographer get the kids in line, fix hair etc. so teacher can get back to the classroom.  It helps kids get to lunch on time as well.
  • Parent volunteers get free pictures of the child
  • Teacher parents get a discount

Close Meeting – Jessie Spalding

Zaina moves to close and Vongmaly seconds. Meeting adjourned.