April 2018


APRIL 18, 2018

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Madison Performing Arts Center update/info. She showed a rendering of the auditorium. Impressive building with seating for 900 and plenty of parking.

Teachers Report: All good. And Ms Powers said she has enough mentors for 4th graders.

Surveys went out to 2nd/3rd grade parents Student Led Conferences and Digital Portfolios. Please answer to share your thoughts.

Dr Flowers and Ms Harding will be attending an event this summer to share feedback on your feedback.

Slate was voted on and approved for Executive PATS Board for 2018/2019.

President: Charlotte Shaff

President-Elect: Jessie Spaulding

Secretary: Yarden Tahan

Treasurer: Dan Santibanez

Treasurer-Elect: Brian Foltyn

VP – Fall Fundraiser: Kaitlynn Brimhall

VP – MidYear: Jenny Goldman

VP – Miscellaneous Fundraising: Susan Healy

VP Spring Fair – Angel Conaway

Community Programs: Cindy Wagner

Teacher Rep: Jocelyn Harding

Numerous committee Chairs positions open for new school year.

Please contact Charlotte and Jessie if you are interested in chairing or volunteering.

Treasurer: Teachers need to spend their APEX money for their classrooms.

Dads Club Social: Most successful yet in 3 years. $9,400 before fees/costs.

Fundraising Committees: No updates so far. Sarah Fluke asked about teacher feedback on Apex. Jenny said there were a few complaints about classroom interuptions.

Community Programs: Ap 27: TGIF Friday park playdate at Granada Park 3-5pm

Casual Cereal Drive Ap 30-May 4: Large container boxes for cereal boxes at Heights, MTA and Simis. Fire Department will drive down to the Madison Pantry.

Dads Club: Looking for new dads for the new year to join. Meeting will be in a couple weeks.

Atkinson spoke on Walk Out possibilities…From the teacher association, they’d go into the sub system as a way to show there will be one in advance notice. If it were to come to that, there would be enough advance notice. Molly Mayfield asked about notice, Dr Flowers said robo calls will go out.

Please check out the Madison AEU page on FB and Simis PATS FB page.