Simis Spring Fair

Thank you to all of those who attended and helped us with the Simis Spring Fair this year!   Our goal was to provide a fun community event for Simis Families. It was fun for all and all for fun!

We are very grateful to all of those who helped make this happen!

Sarah Vrska –  Dustin Vrska  –  Cindy Wagner- Martie Kaseman-  Meredith Francis –  Julie Beake 

Miriam Christensen –  Michelle Bohn –  April Slutsky –  Tracy Swearingen –  TJ Swearingen 

Sara Santibanez –  Erin Riley –  Sarah Fluke –  Christy Wetzel –  Mike Wetzel  –Lauren Kemmer

Charlotte Shaff  – Rachel Gilbert  – Kristy Matock  – Timmesse Thompson  – Meghan McGarvey

Kaitlynn Brimhall  – Jordan Brimhall  – Elliot Conaway  – Aidan Conaway

We could not have had such a fantastic spring fair without the support of  Dr. Flowers, Mrs. Booras and all of our amazing teachers and staff!  Doug Armstrong and the entire custodial crew put IN EXTRA time and energy to bring this event to the next level!  THANK YOU  – THANK YOU – THANK YOU


Set Up Crew Friday Night and Saturday Morning:

Deanna Kalina    Carolyn Marshalsay    Sarah Vrska    Elizabeth Vill  – Jessica Catlett     Davina Tsosie Lauren Kemmer  – Sarah Fluke   – Meredith Francis   – Michelle Bohn  -Levi & Raquel Ramirez     Martie Kaseman – Monica Morales    Quisha Ryan  – Dustin Vrska  – Timmesee Thompson    Quisha Ryan  – Christian Ryan – Cadence Ryan – Miriam Christensen – Custodial Crew!!!

Working Game Booths, Greeting, Prize Booth, Cupcake Walk,  Raffle Room during the event:

Maggie Easton   – Colleen Safi  – Julie Beake  – Rita Atkinson  – Sarah Schildts  – Melissa Cline  – Carolyn Marshalsay – Lisa Segal  – Katey Sanchez  – Ciara Shovestull  – Nicholas Ojea  – Michael Ramirez  – Jamie Monroe  – Lora El-Sheikh – Rama Kunkle  – Deb Treadway  – Sarah Vrska  – Michelle Wilhardt Deyette  – Jacey Sanford  – Tara Allen  – Jessica Catlett  – Camille Jehle – Jessica Owens  – Raquel Diaz  – Lois Francis  – Aprille Slutsky  – Michelle Beckett – Kristopher Petty  – Meredith Francis  – Lexa Walsh  – Kathryn LaBrie  – Chris LaBrie  – Andrea Lopez-Kessler  – Dena Economopoulos  – Pam Kasovac  – Michael Ramirez  – Lisa Ojea – Megan Carmilani  – Dylan Cisneros  – Kathleen Lewis  – Morgann Mahoney  – Iliana Redondo  – Jennie Elser  – Lisa Wilcox  – Stacy Murillo  – Lacey Bons  – Jayden Kang – Kelly Larsen  – Lauren Morris  – Krista Wild  – Karen Hoffman     Jaya Birdwell      Ashley Vaccaro  – Jayna Brafman  -Ladan Naraqi  – Jocelyn Harding  – Jennifer Raczkowski   – Rachel Deatherage   – Josh Walkman

Thank you to everyone who helped clean up and tear-down!  As everyone heads home to relax you get started and don’t stop until it is all picked up and put away!  We really appreciate your hard work.

Student volunteers are an invaluable resource for this big event!  Because of their help we are able to have additional booths at the fair!  It also has such a positive effect on the younger children and our community as a WHOLE!

Thank you: Sunnyslope High School, Madison Meadows, Meadows JV Baseball Team, Madison #1, Phoenix Coding Academy, Brophy College Prep and Madison Highland Prep!

We appreciate your support!