Join a Committee

Below is a list of committees that require volunteers throughout the year. Please contact the Committee Chair for volunteer opportunities.

Parent involvement is great for children, great for teachers, and great for the school. Just two hours a semester can really make a difference! We even have jobs you can do at home. Your help matters!

Research shows that children whose parents are actively involved are more likely to:

  • Earn higher grades and test scores
  • Enroll in higher-level programs
  • Adapt well to school
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Graduate and go to college and more…

If you’d like to contact any of these committee chairs, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Art Masterpiece Chair: Becky Nieto

Co-Chair: Leilani Ward-Smith

Volunteers deliver Fine Arts presentations in the classrooms. An art background is not necessary as training sessions are held for all volunteers and all materials and information are provided. Timing: School year
Back to School Packs/Teacher Supplies Chair: Katie Reeve
Parents may order their child’s school supplies ahead for the next year. This committee organizes the ordering and distribution of Back-to-School Supply Packs. The committee also assures that the teacher supply closet is well-stocked with supplies for the teachers’ use. Timing: May & August for School Packs and School Year for Teacher Supplies.
Book Fair Chair: Savannah Tranguch
Co-Chair: Eliana House 
The Scholastic Book Fair encourages and promotes reading and is one of the PATS fundraisers. This committee works with Scholastic Books in the ordering, scheduling and set up of the book fair. They also organize and schedule volunteers to work the book fair during the week and during Open House. Timing: March through April
Box Tops Chair: Sara Santibanez
Box Tops are collected in the classroom. This committee collects the Box Tops from the classrooms for submittal twice a year. They also promote the collection of Box Tops, create contests, award prizes and submit info/updates for the Scoop. Timing: School year (submittals in Fall and Spring)
Copy Cats Chair: Molly Mayfield
Co-Chair: Carrie Lifshitz   
The Copy Cat Chairperson will organize and schedule volunteers to make copies for Simis Teachers. The teachers need consistent help to copy on a weekly basis. The committee will assist volunteers and instruct them on the copy machine to help avoid waste and breakage. A copy schedule is kept and volunteers come to copy on a weekly as needed basis according to their scheduled time. Timing: School Year
DIGGS Chair: Leilani Ward-Smith   Co-Chair: Becky Nieto 
DIGGS is the school-wide gardening program. The curriculum is provided by the chairperson and volunteers work in the garden with children. In addition, there is some planning, coordination, project management assistance, and working on an occasional Saturday morning. Timing: School year
Directory Chair: Sarah Fluke
This committee organizes a PATS Directory drive every year. The committee gathers and compiles student, parent and school information for the directory. In addition, they sell advertising. Once the directory is completed, the PATS Simis Family Directory is distributed. Timing: July to October
Fall Fundraiser Chair: Jessie Spalding
Co-Chair: Kaitlynn Brimhall 
The Fall Fundraiser is the major fundraiser for PATS. This committee assists with organizing and planning the sales campaign, promotion of the program and receipt of all funds. Timing: August through November
Family Assistance Chair: Katie Reeve
Co-Chair: Eliana Rosales House 
This committee, with the utmost discretion, assists in collecting and distributing items for the economically deprived families in our Simis Community. The chair may help fulfill wish lists and deliver packages during the holiday season to our families. They will also help facilitate the food pantry through-out the school year. Timing: November and December
Green Committee Chair: Sara Santibanez
Co-Chair: Simona Wong
This committee works with the students, faculty and Simis community to educate and promote recycling, alternative energy, riding the bus and maintaining the Simis Recycles Cart. Timing: School year
Harkins Chair: Liz Eells 
This committee works with Harkins movie theater to coordinate Summer Movie Tickets. Distributes flyers and markets the program to the Simis Families, collects orders and distributes tickets. Timing: February through April
Homeroom Parent Coordinator Chair: Sarah Vrska
This committee coordinates the collection of names from the teacher and compiles a list of Homeroom parents for each classroom including AEP classes. This list is used to fulfill volunteer needs for school wide PATS projects. Committee provides all necessary information for homeroom parents at beginning of the year and support/communication as needed throughout the year. The HRP also assists Fair Chairperson in securing volunteers. Timing: School Year
Hospitality Chair: Sarah Schildts 
The Hospitality Committee will have the following events: The PATS Holiday Party is an annual Holiday Party the first week in December for Simis and Meadows Teachers, Staff and Parents. PATS coordinates with Madison Meadows PTM to put on the party. The major responsibility of the party shifts every year. The committee plans refreshments and organizes volunteers to serve the evening of Simis’ Spring Open House. The committee would also plan retirement parties or other special events approved by the PATS board and committee chair. Timing: School year
Meet and Greet Committee Chair: Michelle Beckett
This committee will help contact families new to Simis by email and phone. They also help facilitate Safe Start at the beginning of the school year. Timing: May through August
 Picture Day Chair: Kristen Baker
  The committee will coordinate with the Photography Company the dates the pictures will be taken on campus twice a year (Fall/Spring). The chair will schedule the volunteers needed to help assist the children during the photo session. The distribution of the pictures to the classroom teacher may also be requested. Timing: Fall and Spring
 Simis County Fair Chair: Aaryn Colosimo
This committee assists with all the various aspects of planning, organizing and running the school Simis County Fair. This is a major school and community event. Timing: September to March
 Simis Dad’s Club Chair: Justin Schmitt
Co-Chair: John Shaff
The Dad’s Club is a place for Simis Dads to meet and get to know each other. They will organize several social and philanthropic events throughout the school year. Timing: School Year
 Teacher Appreciation Chair: Ciara de la Rosa Co-Chair: Raquel McCarthy 
This committee hosts several breakfasts/luncheons throughout the year for staff, volunteers and parents. This committee also spearheads teacher appreciation week in May and offers other tangible means of teacher/staff appreciation. Timing: School Year
Turkey Trot Chair: Liz Petroff
Co-Chair: Lilly Randall
The Simis Turkey Trot is a 1 mile fun run around the Simis campus on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. The committee plans the event, marks the race course and finish line. Secures volunteers to be on the course and finish line to grab winners and hand out ribbons. Timing: November
Vision and Hearing Chair: Kim Boldon
Students are tested at the beginning of the school year. The committee will coordinate the volunteers needed for the student’s vision and hearing screenings. Medical experience is not a requirement. Timing: October
Yearbook Chair:  Ashleigh Richey Co-Chair: Sage Ashley    
Members of the yearbook committee take and collect pictures for the annual Yearbook. The committee will make an effort to accumulate pictures of the major events on campus throughout the year. In addition, they assist with the planning, printing, and sales of the book. Distribution of the yearbook to the classroom teacher will also be requested. Timing: School year



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