How to Get Involved in PATS

If you’re not involved in PATS but have a child or grandchild at Madison Simis, now’s the perfect time to start. You’re already a member! PATS and Simis depend on our families involvement to create the best possible learning environment for the students who attend. Ready to get started?

    1. Sign up for the PATS Email Blast.
    2. Join a committee
       We welcome all levels of involvement! You can participate through emails, from the office, in person, part-time, or full-time. Sign up to help with an activity or project. What we do takes TEAMWORK. Your children will feel proud YOU are involved in THEIR school. Please take a moment to peruse all the committees and various events to find what may best suit your skills and schedules. As always, we encourage you to forward this link to your spouse and/or sign up for multiple shifts if you like. It is a great way to be involved at this great school!
    3. Make a Donation

You can make a donation to Madison Simis either as an individual through donation, or your business can sponsor PATS.

    1. Come to a Meeting

Our meetings vary at different times and days of the week to accommodate different parent schedules and we try to keep them efficient and friendly. It is a great way to meet other Simis parents, and the perfect way to know what’s going on with our students and the school. Our meetings are on the School Calendar.