Caring is Super Fall Fundraiser! September 5th – October 6th

We need your help to make the 2017 fall fundraiser successful.
PATS raises funds to provide resources and support programs that are not funded through Simis or Madison District budget.
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Get involved

We welcome all levels of involvement! You can participate through emails, from the office, in person, part-time or full-time. What we do takes teamwork and your children will feel proud you are involved in their school.

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Get Ready for Fall Fundraiser!

Get Ready for Fall Fundraiser!

The new Caring is Super Campaign starts Sept 5! Our goal is to raise $50 per student for a whopping $45,000 to support P.E., I.B., DIGGS, Arts, Teacher Appreciation, School Improvements and Family Assistance. But we can't do it without you!


Dear Parents:

Welcome to Madison Simis Elementary! For families new to Madison Simis, we welcome you and would like to give you a little background on our Parent Teacher Organization, PATS. PATS stands for Parents and Teachers of Simis. For families who have children returning to our school, we hope that we can interest you in becoming more involved with PATS. To learn more please email:

PATS is a nonprofit, volunteer parent- teacher organization whose membership includes all families and staff at Madison Simis Elementary (K-4th grade). It is our objective to work together as a team with our teachers, administration, and parents in the best interest of our children and our school.

The 2016/2017 school year was an exciting one! We were so excited to have a full year in our brand new campus. Through our Fall Fundraiser, Madison Simis County Fair and numerous other important fundraisers, PATS was able to provide support to the teachers and students. Here are some examples of our accomplishments:

  • PATS distributed $6,000 at the beginning of the 2016 school year ($150.00 per teacher) to purchase classroom supplies and will do the same for this upcoming year
  • PATS purchased approximately $10,000 in window blinds for the new classrooms most affected by the sunlight
  • Supported our IB program by sending staff on an IB related trip and purchased supporting IB supplies
  • Purchased PE equipment and playground supplies
  • Purchased hundreds of new library books
  • Provided funds for lunch room and recess aides
  • Supported our Art Masterpiece program
  • Supported our DIGGS program
  • Teacher Appreciation breakfasts, lunches and dinner during conferences days and special gifts
  • Provided family assistance by providing food pantry supplies, and facilitating the immediate needs of Simis families

We are also extremely excited about the addition of our Fundraising and Community Committees. Please be sure to visit their respective tabs to learn about them and why they will be a great addition to PATS.

We also look forward to YOU helping us make it all happen! After all, PATS is where you belong, where you have a voice and where you make a difference for our school.

Best Wishes,

Nicole Ramirez & Rebecca Palacio

Madison Simis Co-Presidents